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  • body transformation

    My body transformation update #2

    I got back into the gym after a few years of being a couch potato in June last year. And it took me quite some time to finally get some results…

  • low carb gehakttaart

    Low carb meat pie Keto style

    Oh wauw, eating Keto style makes me very creative in the kitchen. Hence this new recipe for this awesome low carb meat pie. I found that pies like these are very…

  • body transformation
    video vlog

    Vlog 109: My dog has booty problems

    Yup, this week was a pretty scary week. Because my dog has booty problems. Yes, that’s right… I said it! Never thought I’d be writing about this subject but here we…

  • van nederlands naar engels

    Van Nederlands naar Engels

    Ik denk er al het hele jaar over na, bloggen en vloggen in het Engels. Zo begon ik tien jaar geleden en het was echt fantastisch! Mijn blog groeide snel evenals…