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  • minimalism

    Where I’m at with Minimalism

    ‘Hey Kay, didn’t you start with minimalism a while ago? How is that going?’ you ask. Well, let me tell you because it’s going great. But before I jump in, I…

  • office swag
    video vlog

    Vlog 113: Turning up the office swag

    Finishing up another week by turning up the office swag. I have been feeling sick this last week, but my job has been awesome. So that really kept me going and…

  • feeling guilty

    Feeling guilty

    Feeling guilty isn’t fun, but I have been experiencing this feeling for the last few weeks. I’ve been feeling like this towards myself, because I feel like I’m not doing enough.…

  • chihuahua

    A Chihuahua as a pet, tips and info

    Having a Chihuahua as a pet wasn’t something I planned. But after seeing Dior at the shelter I just couldn’t do anything else but bring him home. It’s been an adventure…