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My name is Kaya-Quintana and I started vlogging when I was eighteen, while I was still living at my parents. I was suffering from eczema and a variety of allergies. Feeling very sick most of my days, I found that vlogging gave me motivation and joy. After vlogging for a while I decided to setup a blog matching my Youtube videos. It was the best step I ever took in my entire life. Now that I am almost ten years older and feeling much better, I can see blogging and vlogging changed my life.

I now run this blog and my Youtube channel for almost ten years now. I write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Mostly about medium to high end brands because that is where my interests lie. Since a year or two I have also been writing about a healthy lifestyle and fitness. I like to film my workouts and share them on Youtube. I use my blog and Youtube channel to inspire people and give them a good time, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Join the fun!


P.S. You might know me from Metro, Cosmogirl, Gooisch magazine, Viva400 and EditieNL.

kaya quintana

Bloggers and Brands

Because of my work as an influencer I started my media and PR agency Bloggers and Brands. We work for national and international brands. My team and I provide four services for our beauty, fashion and lifestyle clients:

• Online advertising with bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers
• Public Relations
• Press events
• Social media content

Call 06 30 38 13 80 or mail info@bloggersandbrands.nl if you want to get your brand out in the Netherlands and Belgium.

bloggers and brands

Business coach

Being an entrepreneur since 2009 has made me very capable of running business. That is why I have been a business coach since 2016. I work on making entrepreneurs stronger, better and more effective. I believe that being an entrepreneur is perfect for those who like to be more independent and creative. That is why I as a business coach, not just motivate you as an entrepreneur. I also give you practical advice and tools so you can start improving immediately. Dreams are nothing if you don’t do!

I was able to share my business expertise through the following publications:

• Hogeschool in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
• One4marketing.nl article 1, article 2
• Linkedin Nederland/Benelux
Social media marketing summit
Strictley business radio
• Gooisch magazine

So be sure to check out my business coach website and courses for Dutch entrepreneurs very soon. I will be launching that in September 2017. I will be taking on new clients and maybe help you too with growing and improving your business. Want to work with me right now? Send me an email info@buildmybusiness.nl for an appointment. We can get started right away!

Follow my business coach accounts on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook for entrepreneurial inspiration.