Office adventures: Finding an office

Finding an office is harder than I thought! I have been looking around for almost a year. It turns out to be really hard to find an office that fits all my needs. Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you about my new series: Office adventures. I just want to have some time and space reserved for all things business, because I love it so much. I don’t want to slip in some bits and pieces in my normal vlogs. Nope, I want to have more time to discuss it all.

office adventuresPIN IT!

I hope that if you are a fellow entrepreneur or looking to start a business, you’ll enjoy these videos. I want to show you exactly what it takes to build a business and what you can do. It’s all really raw and realistic, which in my opinion will give you the best insights. So I truly hope you will enjoy my new Office Adventure series. I will put them up whenever I do something new or cool for my company, like finding an office.



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