Summer Body Challenge: Before and after (Keto) weightloss

I’m almost sad to say that this is the end of the Summer Body Challenge. But yes, it is over because the summer is too. I do want to finish this series strong with my (Keto) weight loss results. I have carefully kept track of all my weight loss results with the My fitness pall app and a lot of pictures. I have also filmed a new physique update so you can see it in 3D. Yes, this video is a result of a six-month challenge in which I really learned more than I thought I would.

weight lossPIN IT!

I will give you all the details on how much kilo’s I lost and what has changed on my body. Because I didn’t just lose weight, my entire body shape has changed and I love it! I am almost back to how I am supposed to look. I still have two kilo’s to go and then I will be satisfied. Then the maintaining and shaping my body will begin. Because losing weight is one thing, keeping my body in shape is another.

I hope this will video will motivate you to reach your own goals. Let’s go,


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