The Becca Glow on the go kit Opal highlighter

As a beauty lover you probably already know all about the Becca highlighters, because they’re all over the internet. They get rave reviews and I really, really wanted to try a Becca highlighter for myself. Since I already have so many highlighters, I didn’t want to buy another full size one. When I came across the Becca Glow on the go kit Opal highlighter, I knew I found the perfect set for me. This set contains a miniature Opal pressed and liquid highlighter. Let me tell you all about it, because they’re amazing!

Becca Glow on the go kitPIN IT!

Let’s talk price first. This kit will set you back €19,38 at Douglas or $20 at Sephora. You get two miniature products, but I think they’re big enough to last a long time. There is a mini Becca Shimmering skin perfector pressed, and a Shimmering skin perfector spotlight wand in the packaging. So, you basically get a powder and a liquid highlighter in the color Opal. I like having two options, because I often use different type of highlighters for different parts of my face. You can use both of these highlighters whenever and how you like.

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For instance, I like using the highlight powder on my cheekbones. I also use it on my eyelids, inner eye corners and on the bridge of my nose. The liquid highlighter is perfect for my cupid’s bow, inner eye corners and my cheekbones. You could also layer the two products, although I haven’t tried that yet. Mostly because they’re both pigmented enough on their own. I also like the natural glow the Becca Glow on the go kit Opal highlighter gives me. Which is mostly due to the color Opal. It’s pretty much perfect for my skin with a yellow undertone.

I picked the color Opal because it seemed a more natural shade than the other Becca highlight colors. Becca has six highlighter shades to choose from at the moment. There’s Moonstone (pale gold), Prismatic amethyst (lilac), Rose quartz (pink), Pearl (white) and Rose gold (deep rose). And then there’s Opal, which is described as a golden opal pearl. To me it’s more of a ‘toasted’ golden brown shade. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s basically a warmer highlight that gives my skin a good glow with a natural finish.

Becca Glow on the go kitPIN IT!

Both versions of the highlight are very, very pigmented as you can see in the pictures. I only need a thin layer of the powder to create that beautiful glow. I need a little more of the liquid highlighter because I tend to blend that out. I usually have to reapply a little more to create an intense look. I like to wear both products on my face at the same time. Mostly because the powder gives that natural glow and the liquid version is a bit more intense.

Becca highlighter opalPIN IT!

The Becca Glow on the go kit Opal highlighter contains really pigmented highlighters, as you can tell by the pictures. The swatch on the left is the liquid highlighter and the one on the right is the powder highlighter. As you can see, the liquid version is very intense. The pressed powder highlighter is a bit subtler, but still very pigmented. You can see why you could wear you both highlighters on your face at the same time. You can create a really nice depth or 3D look with these two, I love it!

Becca opal swatches

PIN IT! Left: liquid highlighter – Right: pressed highlighter


Now let’s talk texture, because the pressed powder highlighter is amazing. It’s buttery soft and I only need to pick up a little bit of the product with my Zoeva Luxe highlight brush. It gives of the most beautiful glow with just one layer, but you can make it stand out a bit more with a second layer. The liquid highlighter has a wand so it’s very easy to apply as well. I do tend to blend out with my fingers for a more natural transition. Aaah, I’m in love with the Becca Glow on the go kit. It’s basically the perfect highlighter shade for my skin tone, when I want to create that natural glow, which we see in the magazines all the time.

What’s your take on Becca highlighters, yay or nay?


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becca highlighter opal swatches

PIN IT! Left: liquid highlighter – Right: pressed highlighter

opal highlighter swatches

PIN IT! The opal highlighter on the cheekbones

becca opal highlighter swatches

PIN IT! Inner eye highlight

becca opal highlighter swatches

PIN IT! As a subtle highlight on the bridge of my nose


Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in OpalPIN IT!

becca highlighter wandPIN IT!

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