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Oh man, we’re almost at the end of 2018. Can you believe it? I feel like this year went by super fast and it feels like I’m not done yet. I had so much more planned, but the year is almost up. That’s why I’m slowly starting to look back at 2018 to see all the amazing things I did. Including all my outfits in 2018 and the fashion photography skills that I’ve picked up. I really want to show you every outfit I shared on my blog and take you through it. Because my style evolution was en fuego this year, let’s go!

My first outfit was posted on January 2th. I was in love with my new dungarees by H&M because they have the perfect fit. I was also starting to experiment with different lenses on my camera and editing in Lightroom. As you’ll be scrolling down on this page, you’ll definitely see my photos getting better. Just like my outfits which became less all over the place. An example is the second outfit I posted, with the black flared jeans and white t-shirt. I really found my style this year: Minimalistic yet fun and feminine.

My third outfit was created with my favorite winter boots at the moment. I got these boots from Tommy Hilfiger and it was a really good purchase. They feel amazing and they look super cool. I also bought a pink Fjällräven backpack a little later in the year. The bright pink color makes me happy every time I look at it. It’s also the best backpack ever, since it doesn’t hurt my bag and holds everything including my Macbook. I love pairing the pink with white, as you can see in my fourth outfit. Although these two outfits aren’t my favorite ones, I do like it shows you how diverse I can be.

Let’s dive into summer outfits. I think this was the first year I wore skirts again. The blue skirt outfit is was an absolute hit. After losing a lot of weight I finally felt comfortable in them again. I also experimented with color by wearing a red top or the beautiful blue pumps by Dune. God, those pumps are so gorgeous! I’m also quite proud of myself for not wearing black dresses and skirts all the time. I used to wear black a lot, simply because it felt save and I didn’t know how to style myself. Now I still wear black, but I pair it with a nice bold color as seen in the outfit with the black skirt. I give myself an A+ for having better summer outfits in 2018, boom!

As the summer slowly started to transition into fall, I had some time left to wear cute tops. The outfit with the white jeans and the green top is one of my favorites. It felt so nice, airy and fresh. The white and the green are such a nice combination for summer. This is an outfit I will definitely wear again. As the weather got colder I started wearing sweaters again. This green one is one of my favorites and it’s perfect for those ‘let’s get shit done’ days. It’s warm, but not too warm and easy to style with jeans.

Of all my outfits in 2018, these two are definitely in my top five. The big oversized white blouse with the leggings was a perfect combo. This outfit is super simple, yet very chic and minimalistic. If I had to wear this every day, I would not complain. The second outfit has the seventies inspired sweater which is my favorite piece for this year. I saw it at Mango, tried it on and brought it home. Yes, this sweater is everything I needed for this winter. The colors, the pattern and the fit are amazing. These outfits will be back in 2019.

Remember those dungarees in the first outfit picture? Yes, I really love those and they are very versatile. So here they are again styled in a totally different way. Another outfit I will definitely wear again in 2019, I just love it so much! As the year progressed I started getting better at styling myself. I think you can definitely see my style evolution when you look at the second outfit on the right. This is my type of outfit for sure and I’m very happy with how the pictures came out. The camel cardigan, the white jeans and the bright orange turtleneck are everything!

Can you say turtleneck? Because I bought three turtlenecks that make me very happy. As you can see I use them for my outfits a lot. My black turtleneck reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and I decided to create an outfit in her style. It’s one of my favorite outfits for 2018. It’s simple, minimalistic yet interesting enough to grab your attention. The second outfit is a spin on the one with the black turtleneck. I opted for a grey on grey look for the office or business meetings. Another awesome outfit I will be wearing again.

Oeh, we’re almost done! My latest outfit was published a few days ago and I think this is my number two on the list. I love the all-white outfit with the camel coat, it’s so chic! It made me feel powerful and very classy, love it. This is going to be one of my go to outfits for 2019. The last outfit isn’t really my thing. I think I do really love the black and orange together. I remember not being happy with the ankle boots. They made the outfit look a bit too plain in my opinion. I’m not getting rid of this one, but I will be re-styling it in 2019.

Wow, you made it all the way to the end? Great, thanks for reading and checking out my outfits. I’m very curious to hear what you think of all my outfits in 2018. Can you see how I’ve become better at styling myself? I’m personally very happy with the results and my photography skills that really developed this year. I can’t wait to make more cool outfit articles and bring you with me on my style journey.

Let me know what your favorite outfit is and join me for more outfits in 2019. Love you lots,


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