All white outfit with a camel coat

Everyone needs a power outfit, an outfit that makes you feel like you can handle the world. This is one of my power outfits because it makes me feel amazing. I like everything about it and I want to break it down for you. Since I’ve started working with a capsule wardrobe, I’m much more creative with my outfits. This all white outfit would not have been created without my capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe makes me put pieces together I’d usually skip. Less is more!

In this case I decided to go for an all white outfit with interesting details. I wore one of my favorite white jeans and a simple white sweater by H&M. To break the all white outfit I added a nice belt by Zara with a gold belt buckle. The belt helps me break the white block and it also shows you that I have a waist. I did a French tuck, meaning I tucked in the sweater at the front of my jeans. Leaving the back of the sweater untucked. Another way to showcase my waist and the gold belt buckle.

ted lapidus bagPIN IT!

Yes, I’m quickly learning how important belts are for your outfits. It’s funny, I used to hate belts so much. Now I appreciate what they can do for my outfits and my silhouette. Call me old fashioned, but I like matching my belt with my shoes. So I wore black suede stiletto’s, which I also bought at Zara years ago. These heels are still going strong, whoohoo! I’m serious though, Zara has really good shoes. I also like contrast which comes into play with the white outfit and black accessories.

But something was missing, this all white outfit needed a kick! That’s why I added a camel colored coat and a designer bag by Ted Lapidus. The camel and deep brown details make the white outfit look more luxurious. Adding a designer bag is my go to trick to elevate an outfit. This bag was only €10 at the thrift shop, but the bags original price is around €400. I guess I got myself a really good deal on this one. It’s honestly one of my favorite bags and people always compliment me on it.

snake print belt by zaraPIN IT!

I’m very curious to hear what you think of this all white outfit. I’m personally really pleased with the outcome and it’s the type of outfit I want to wear all the time. It makes me feel like I’m ready to make some big business deals and have fun with friends afterwards. The fun thing is that every clothing item in this outfit is super old, except for the Zara belt. All the other items were in my closet for at least a year. It’s fun to prove to myself that I am able to pick out timeless pieces and make myself look pretty presentable.

Would you wear this all white outfit too?


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