Beauty favorites for september 2018

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a beauty favorites video for September. I stopped making beauty videos a while ago because I lost interest. I also felt like I wasn’t bringing anything new to the table and my heart wasn’t in it anymore. Honestly, I never stopped using beauty products of course. I love being all girly and trying out new things, but constantly chasing the hype isn’t my thing anymore. So here are some beauty products that I actually like and use, like a true minimalist.

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I’m going to show you products I’ve been using almost every day this last summer. And I will continue to use them in the fall. I think these beauty favorites are perfect for almost anyone, because they’re so versatile. Yes, most products are high-end, but I love investing in good brands. Whatever I apply to my face must be good, haha! So I hope these beauty favorites are going to help you out. Especially when you want to invest in beauty products that are versatile and made of good quality ingredients.

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