Being professional while showing humanity

Sometimes people ask me if I think it’s unprofessional to post vlogs about my personal life. Mainly because I’m also a serious entrepreneur with three businesses. It’s an understandable question, because people tend to live by the ‘old rules.’ Like sweeping everything under the rug and saving face no matter the cost. Society has taught us to be ‘professional’ by never showing any humanity. That’s seen as unprofessional, because God forbid you admit you’re not having a good day or in a mood. I personally think that this way of thinking is very outdated and narrow minded.

Yes, I also still often feel like it’s unprofessional to show my humanity in my vlogs. But that’s only because I know that other people will view it that way. I also know people might take what I say out of context and use it against me. It causes me and maybe also you, to hold up a perfect picture. It makes me feel like I always have to be perfect and balanced a.ka professional. But being professional as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean I can’t be human. It doesn’t mean I can’t be honest about some parts of my life, because I don’t show everything. I would never jeopardize my personal relations and business for a vlog.

I of course also appreciate my privacy and yes, some things should not be shared for the sake of being professional. Therefor I never show my dates, friends, my political opinions or my opinions on touchy subjects. I choose to share the parts of my life that I think will serve other people. By showing you that it’s okay to be human, show feelings and ask for help if needed. Society might make you feel like you can’t. Because admitting that your life is not the way you want it to be, is seen as weak or failing.

This dehumanization is causing people to suffer in silence and it’s getting worse. Everyone is trying to keep their perfect image up. Which makes it extra hard, if not impossible to open up, breath and ask for help if needed. It’s in our nature to survive at all cost and not show weakness. Saving face has become more important to people, than actually being themselves and pursuing their dreams. Since no one lets their guard down, everyone just keeps it up until they can’t keep it up anymore.

That’s when bad things happen. So screw being professional as in closing of the humanity in ourselves. Being professional means being able to show up for work, do your job right and get those good results. Even if you’re having a bad day and acknowledging that. To answer the question about posting vlogs and being professional: Yes, I can totally be professional! Even when I choose to share some parts of my life online. You see, my clients always get good results and they never have to worry about a thing.

I know how to be professional at work without dehumanizing myself. Being professional should be about how good you are and what you can provide your clients or employer. It should not be about never being able to be yourself and losing your sanity in the process. So, let’s not confuse these two different things. I hope you understand that I sometimes show some of my struggles, because I know it might help someone else to open up and ask for help. Something a lot of people are afraid to do, but really need to.

I want to redefine what being professional means. Especially when it comes to women. I personally notice that I as a woman get judged differently than most men. You see, guys can post pictures in their swim shorts and a beer in their hand. That’s cool and just a nice holiday picture. If I as a woman post a picture in a bikini, I’m looked at as unprofessional and God knows what else. It’s not right and it’s not okay that the judgement on men and women often is unfair. And yes, I unfortunately do sometimes experience judgement like that.

Therefor I’m not backing down on sometimes showing a more human and personal side of myself in my vlogs. I think this balance is really needed in this world. Especially with the way people are using social media to keep up or manipulate appearances, which only adds to the problem. We constantly make each other feel like it’s wrong to feel bad or admit that you’re not in a good place all the time. If I can help by showing a bit of my own humanity, while still showing up to work and still kill it, then I gladly share my vlogs.

Because that’s what being professional really means: Being good at what you do and make those clients and bosses happy. So tell me, how professional and human are you?


P.S. Never give up on creating the best version of yourself. Don’t let other people put their fears on you!


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