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Fat bombs seem to be the go to snack for Keto’ers. You can find a lot of Keto proof fat bomb recipes online. I have to be honest and say I don’t feel like making them myself. I’m simply too busy and making fat bombs would really test my patience, haha! That’s why I have been enjoying the Belvas Coco rochers. These little chocolate balls are basically pre-made Keto fat bombs and they are delicious!

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I found these cute little balls of joy at EkoPlaza, an organic supermarket here in the Netherlands. Thankfully Belvas also sells their organic Belgium chocolate in other countries across the world. Let’s talk price! One pack of chocolates is quite expensive, they cost about €3,59 per pack. There’s about ten of the Coco rochers fat bombs inside and they weigh about ten grams each. One Coco rocher contains 2,9 grams of carbs, 4,5 grams of fat and 0,4 grams of protein. Which all turns out to be 54 calories for one of these Keto fat bombs.

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I don’t think Belvas meant to make their chocolates Keto proof, but they are! It’s like you’re eating a very low carb Bounty candy bar. No wait, I think these little Keto fat bombs are even better. Even though they’re very small, they are also very sweet and the chocolate tastes really good. It’s like an explosion of sweet chocolate and coconut, which is perfect for those moments you really crave something sweet. So although these aren’t real Keto fat bombs, they can definitely help you through your day with some extra fat and sweetness.

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I usually have about one to three of these Belvas Coco rochers. It depends on how many carbs I have left. Since they’re very low carb I can often get away with one extra. I think these pre-made Keto fat bombs can also help you when you’re starting with Keto. That’s when you’re often looking for something sweet to help you through. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you these are vegetarian proof. I hope this Keto snack tip helps you as it helped me, because these little Keto fat bombs are true life savers to me.

What type of Keto fat bomb do you prefer?


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