Capsule wardrobe tips for beginners

I published my first capsule wardrobe video a few weeks ago. I loved making that video and I learned a lot about capsule wardrobes. I want to share what I learned today by giving you my best capsule wardrobe tips for beginners. Since I’m a beginner too, it seems only natural to talk about my experience with creating a wardrobe like this. I think I have some good tips to help you out if you want to create your own and first capsule wardrobe, let’s go!

Your daily life

I know, most articles with tips about capsule wardrobes start with talking about picking a number of clothes you’re ‘allowed’ to have. I decided to take a different route, one that is more fitting to your daily life. Picking a number of clothes for your capsule wardrobe, isn’t always that easy. You might pick out too many or too little clothes for your lifestyle. The first thing I did was figure out what my daily life looks like. My biggest tip for you is to do the same. Instead of focusing on a number or the perfect clothing items, figure out what you need first. This makes sure you don’t miss out on anything you actually need.

My daily life starts with walking the dog, meaning I always wear something old so I can’t mess up my clean clothes. My dog often ends up with dirty paws, oops! I don’t have a car yet, so I travel with public transportation, my bike and I walk a lot. I often work at the office, meet clients or I work from home when I need to make new content. This means I have to look good, stylish and professional but I also want to be comfortable. Which means certain types of clothing are not for me. For example, there are little to no dresses and skirts in my capsule wardrobes.

Make a list

Aaah, the list! I love making a list, haha! Now that you know what your daily life looks like, you can make a list with the clothing items you really need. I almost always wear jeans, so I need at least four pairs of them. I love a basic t-shirt, so I have at least five in my wardrobe. I like blazers to make me look a bit more stylish and high heels to look taller. I’d say it’s a good idea to start your list with your favorite clothing items. You probably don’t want to miss out on those, so put them on your list first.

Then look at the season and what you are missing. Do you miss big cozy sweaters, or do you need a good white blouse and new shoes? Find out what you absolutely need to buy to survive the season. Now here’s where it gets tough, because you don’t need five sweaters. You only need one or two for the season, because it’s only three months. Make sure you really take a good look at what you need and write it down before you go shopping.

Time to shop

You know what your daily life looks like, you’ve already shopped in your own closed and now you need to add some pieces. This means you get to go shopping, whoohoo! But hold your horses dear, because you’re not going to buy everything you see. Take your list and see what items your missing for the current season. Find your favorite stores online and do some research first. Do you really need a sweater? If so, find stores that sell high quality sweaters that fit your style, so you can wear them next year too.

The art of shopping for a capsule wardrobe for beginners is to keep it simple. Buy durable clothes that you actually like and fit your wardrobe. Try to fit them into your style, there is nothing wrong with adding a personal touch to your wardrobe. This makes it easier in the future to create new capsule wardrobes for seasons to come. Since your using less clothes, I’d say it’s a good thing to invest in higher quality pieces. Spend a little more money on items that will last you a few years. In this case less really is more!

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Find your magic number

I’ve seen many capsule wardrobes and some have more or less items than mine. After curating everything I need, I found that thirty pieces including accessories, is more than enough for me. Try to set a number for yourself and make that work. I bought myself an Ikea clothing rack which perfectly fits thirty pieces and not much more. That makes it easy to stick to my magic number. Find a space for yourself where you can create and keep your capsule wardrobe. Don’t mix it in with your ‘old’ wardrobe, you’ll end up searching for your capsule wardrobe within your full wardrobe. Which means you’re missing the point!

Use the pieces in your capsule wardrobe for the entire season. Really try to stick with the items you choose and make it work. I like having only thirty pieces because it takes away the clothing crisis in the morning. I know exactly what to choose from and which items make the best outfits. I even like challenging myself with creating new outfits with the same pieces for three months. And you know what, those three months are over before you know it. Then you get to create a new capsule wardrobe all over again, yasss!

I hope you like my capsule wardrobe tips for beginners, let me know in the comments!


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