Celebrate your wins, I am proud of… in 2018

The end of the year is near… And that means I’m working really hard to get everything in place for 2019. And that’s kind of a problem, a big problem! You see, I was watching a video by Lisa Nichols last night. Lisa is a motivational speaker who I’ve been following for years. Once in a while I check back in with her and she just knocks me of my socks with her insights. This time she told me to make a list of every thing I am proud of. She told me to celebrate my wins and to be honest, I rarely do that.

But now that we are at the end of the year, a year in which I’ve been working on being more conscious of what I’m doing. I needed Lisa’s reminder that I do need to celebrate my wins. I do need to make a list of what I am proud of and what I’ve accomplished. I honestly don’t know why I rarely do this, because looking at your wins makes you stronger. It gives you confidence, motivation and inspiration. Instead I’m mostly looking at what I’m not doing right or what’s going wrong and what needs to be improved.

I want to change that, so I’m sharing five things on my ‘I am proud of’ list with you. This hopefully inspires you to do the same. Look back at 2018 and see all the awesome things you did. Winning and success is different for everyone. So don’t look at others, but look at what made you proud. This can be something small or something big, any win is a win! It might be buying a house, getting into a relationship or the job you really wanted. Maybe you’ve finally spoke your mind and stood up for yourself. Either way, it’s a win!

This is my list, take a look and make your own. I am proud of…


I was able to work with two awesome colleagues this year. Two amazing women who were there to help me run Bloggers and Brands. Which is something I am proud of because I love working with a team. I always wanted my own team, so this was a big win for me. I’m aiming to do the same in 2019 with even more team members, because I am ready to go!


Although I get more bills then ever, I’ve been able to hold my own for about 3,5 years now. I’ve been able to make enough money to take care of myself, my dog and my company. This is something that I’ve never would have accomplished if I didn’t start my own agency. I’ve learned to live with less and make more of the money I already have.


This year was really amazing because I was able to feature my work for influencer marketing at Bloggers and Brands in the Communication museum in The Hague, The Netherlands. Until the end of January 2019, you’ll be able to see me and my agency in the Influencers Behind The Scenes show. Now how cool is that!? This is something I am really proud of because my agency is my everything!


One of my biggest challenges was working on my mindset. There’s a lot going on still, but I’ve managed to get to know my own brain. I now know how to put negative thoughts away and manage any anxiety I may have. This was a big issue for me, because my brain was taking over, haha! And that wasn’t a good thing, but thankfully my mindset is so much better now!

Speaking my mind

I’m not that good at speaking my mind when there’s a lot going on. I tend to keep things for myself and wait to say what’s bothering me, only to blow up in your face. Yeah… That’s not always the best way, haha! I learned to speak my mind faster without getting too annoyed or angry while doing so. This helped me level up relationships with important people in my life.

These are five things I am proud of, but there is more! I can’t list everything on my blog because some points are very personal. I just hope this gives you some inspiration to make your own list and toot your own horn. You see, Lisa Nichols is right. How can you be confident, motivated and inspired if you can’t even acknowledge your own wins? So get out there, grab yourself a notebook and a pen, and start writing down what you’re proud of.

Celebrate your wins of 2018!


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