Christmas vlog for people who actually work, MadMess 2018

Welcome to the Christmas vlog for people who actually work. Yup, I said it! Many Youtubers post holiday and Christmas vlogs doing a lot of fun things. As they should if they’re able to, but what about people who work? What about people that have to be at work at 09.00 in the morning and don’t have time for fun things? Well, you’re welcome to my blog and Youtube channel. Because I’m doing MadMess where I show you the real deal. Me working, not in the mood for Christmas or anything festive in general.

get ready with mePIN IT!

Come join me and feel like a normal person, haha! Watch my video and feel like you’re not missing out. I mean, that’s the dream right!? Just kidding, although I’m a bit serious too. Because MadMess is for the single and perhaps lonely people. It’s for all human beings who are not looking forward to the holidays for whatever reason. You are welcome here, where we don’t do anything festive and talk about whatever sucks about the holidays. And yes, we are going to have with it too. We are going to make Christmas our b*tch, haha!

Enjoy the new vlog and let me know what else you want to see,


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