Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate for a fast tan

It’s summer and this girl needs a tan. Unfortunately getting a tan is a little hard for me. Due to eczema I have less pigment in my skin and I have some discoloration on my face and body. I also get sunburned pretty fast so what is left? Well, I thought I’d try a self-tanner. I had one in my beauty closet for a year now, but I was too afraid to try the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate.* But now that I tried it a few times, I’m a big fan!

Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate

So the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate is supposed to give you a fast tan on your face. According to Collistar you only need three to four drops for your face to get that tan. The tan will develop within an hour and give you a beautiful bronzed look. I have a yellow undertone and I was a little hesitant about the effect. Afraid of ending orange like a giant carrot, I only applied a small amount to my face.

That first time I didn’t really see much difference. So the second time I applied a few more drops and saw my face turn bronzy after half an hour. I was very happy with that result and after an hour I looked amazingly tan. And not orange at all, more like I just had a very long day on the beach in France. Everyone noticed that I had a good tan going on that day, loved it! So I am definitely going to keep using this self tan product, but I do have some remarks.

Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate review

I did notice the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate does not work that well on my neck and chest. I applied the drops there too because I wanted an even tanned look allover. Also my neck and chest have the most discoloration, so I was hoping the drops might help. I actually had to add about ten drops to my neck and chest to get a bit of tan going. Which is okay, but I expected it to work just as fast there as it was on my face.

It does rub off a little, which I noticed when I scratched my face. Having hay fever makes my skin very itchy sometimes. So I scratch my face more than the average person and found some self tanner under my nails after doing so. The tan isn’t permanent and the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate doesn’t seem to get soaked up by your skin. Which might be a good thing if you don’t want to look tan for a longer period of time.

Collistar Magic drops

I would love for the drops to last a little longer. Two to three days would be perfect, but after taking a shower the tan was pretty much completely gone. So if you are looking for a more permanent solution, this is not the one. If you just want to look tan for special occasions or just during the summer time, the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate are amazing. The Magic drops are also pretty affordable in my opinion.

They cost about €30,- at Douglas and there are several online stores that offer this product around the same price. You get 30 ml which will last you up to twelve months, depending on how much you use. I heard that some women mix a few drops with their day creams for a more subtle effect. I like to apply it directly on to my skin after applying day cream. Either way this product is easy to use and the price/quality is very good.

Have you tried the Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate, do you like it?


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Collistar Magic drops self tan concentrate


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