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My closet is filled with fragrances I haven’t even opened yet. Many were gifts from my time at Sephora, so I’m pretty good in the fragrance department. That’s why I haven’t bought a perfume in years, because I already have so many. Although there is one brand I did splurge on a few weeks ago, mainly because it’s so hard to get here in Holland. I’m talking about Juicy Couture, I love their Viva la juicy fragrance. To be honest, it’s one of my favorites! I have been savoring my bottle for years now. And then I came across Couture la la by Juicy Couture for only €30 at Bijenkorf or at

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I guess it’s so affordable because Juicy Couture doesn’t sell this fragrance anymore. I couldn’t find it on their website, did they discontinue this one? I don’t know for sure, but Couture la la by Juicy Couture is amazing. It’s basically the lighter and fresher version of Viva la juicy, my all-time favorite fragrance by this brand. I know Juicy Couture isn’t top notch when it comes to the fragrance industry, but I think they nailed a certain style. They have sweet, warm and somewhat sexy fragrances. Perfect for women who aren’t into the heavier fragrances, like some of the perfumes made by Chanel, Lancôme and Guerlain.

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I’ve never been a fan of those ‘heavier’ perfumes, I prefer lighter and sweeter ones like Couture la la by Juicy Couture. I was lucky enough to find a 100ml bottle of eau the parfum for only €30 at Bijenkorf. I just had to buy it, haha! The fragrance contains notes like green apple, mandarin, red current, lily of the valley, violet and some warmer musk notes. It’s basically the fresher and summery version of Viva la juicy. It is very light and I have to add an extra spritz to make it last all day. This is the type of eau de parfum you can apply a second time in the afternoon.

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One more thing, can we talk about the bottle please? Juicy Couture creates the best perfume bottles for their fragrances. I love how they give the bottlenecks their own necklaces, it looks so pretty on my vanity. They also look a bit more playful when I compare them to my favorite fragrances by Dior. I like that they don’t try to look expensive or designer. No, Juicy Couture definitely knows their own branding. If you are looking for a lighter, fruity and sweet eau de parfum for summer, this could be the one. Be sure to give Couture la la by Juicy Couture a try, I think you’ll love it.

What is your favorite Juicy Couture fragrance?


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couture la la by juicy couturePIN IT!

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