Decluttering and organizing my capsule wardrobe for spring 2019

Aaah yes, I’m a bit late when it comes to decluttering and organizing my capsule wardrobe for spring. Let’s just say: ‘Better late than never!’ and get to it! This is the second video I made about decluttering and organizing my capsule wardrobe. Filming everything requires me to create structure, therefor I’m much more efficient when I declutter. I also get very inspired and motivated when I watch other Youtubers work on their capsule wardrobes. Let me share that joy today in my new video and here in this article, where I’m sharing my structure.

Clean it up!

You may recognize having clothes all around your house, because you’re busy and in a hurry all the time. I often leave clothes laying around, forgetting where I’ve left them. I have some in the laundry basket, some in my bedroom, on my chair and the majority in my walk-in closet. Therefore, the first thing I do when I’m organizing my capsule wardrobe is cleaning it all up. I go from room to room and grab all the clothes to sort them out. I put dirty clothes in the laundry, and I put clean clothes back in my walk-in-closet.

Organizing my clothes in the places where they actually need to be, gives me a better oversight. Which is exactly what I need to have when I’m creating a new capsule wardrobe. Hanging, folding and washing everything also reminds me of what I actually have in my closet. During the seasons I tend to forget I already have some amazing pieces at hand. Which I can reuse in my capsule wardrobes to come. Cleaning and storing your clothes is something I highly recommend.

Create a color palette

Creating a color palette for your new capsule wardrobe is key. People often tend to focus on numbers only, but I think it’s better to focus on the mood and vibe. Especially since your clothes can help you feel better while wearing them. It’s also good to create color palettes so you can match your looks to the season. You see, many people think that capsule wardrobes are supposed to be filled with black, white and neutral clothes. Thankfully, that’s not true!

Try to think about what it is you’re going to do in daily life. Don’t just think about the number of clothes, but what you’re actually going to do from day to day. Do you work at an office or do you work at home? Are you going to a lot of parties or are you a Netflix at home kinda girl? It’s up to you, just make sure your capsule wardrobe works for your daily life. Don’t get stuck on numbers and colors that don’t work for you. Create your own style by creating your own color palette.

Clean slate

I’m currently working on my third capsule wardrobe. This means I already have some items I keep putting back on my clothing rack. While organizing my capsule wardrobe for fall, I found that having some staple items makes it much easier. I still recommend starting with a clean slate. Meaning you start off with an empty clothing rack, which you then fill with the necessary clothes. It’s a good idea to start with the basic items like tops and bottoms. Then items you use for layering like blazers and cardigans. Shoes and accessories are last in line.

I tend to pick my favorites in these categories first. I always grab my favorite jeans, basic t-shirts, cardigans and blazers. I do try to match them with the current season, in this case spring. While organizing my capsule wardrobe I also look at the weather, the coming events in my life and what I’m actually doing day to day. Then I start adding filler pieces like an extra fun t-shirt or maybe a cool pair of shoes to spice things up. Building your capsule wardrobe from scratch will give you the clean slate you’ve been looking for, try it!

The finishing touch

Once your capsule wardrobe is done when it comes to clothes, it’s time for accessories and shoes. Even if you do have a neutral color palette, you can always add some color by adding these two things. As you may notice in the video, I have two pairs of blue shoes mixed with black shoes. This gives me options for my more neutral casual days, but also for the days with special events. Or when I’m in the mood to dress up and go all out.

I also learned to add some belts and nice bags. I used to wear pretty decent outfits, but I would often feel like something was missing. Now that I’ve found out it were the accessories, I’m much better at generating a real impact with my outfits. Adding something simple like a necklace and a bracelet really does create a better outfit. But it is best to add these items last to your capsule wardrobe. This helps you add accessories and shoes that actually match your clothes, instead of having items that you picked just because they look good.

This is how I declutter and organize my capsule wardrobe for spring. I hope my tips are helpful to you, most definitely let me know!



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