Decluttering my wardrobe for fall

Well, I finally made a declutter video again. The last declutter video was made years ago in Dutch. It’s about time I made one in English, haha! Decluttering my fall wardrobe was pretty easy since I’ve been pretty good at keeping my closet up to date. I still managed to find some pieces that really needed to go, and I found some summer items I can reuse for fall. I also found out I’m missing some important pieces like a turtleneck and a pair of wellies. I’ll tell you all about it in my new declutter video.

I hope you like this video and that it inspires you to declutter your wardrobe too. It’s amazing how many items I found that I’m not really happy with. I sometimes have really stupid reasons to keep them in my closet. The clothes just end up taking up too much space because I don’t wear them anyway. Decluttering my fall wardrobe also made me more aware of what my style is and what I actually like to wear. I can’t say how much I like decluttering now, because it gives me so much clarity.

decluttering my wardrobePIN IT!

My capsule wardrobe for fall isn’t ready yet, but making this video helped me out a lot. As mentioned before, I noticed I’m missing quite a lot of pieces. There’re also items in my wardrobe older than five years and they don’t even fit me anymore, oops! If you recognize this or if you have a clothing crisis every morning, this video is for you. Clean your closet, organize it and write down what items you’re missing. Start creating that perfect wardrobe that you actually love, with clothes you actually wear.

Let’s declutter!


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