Doing dungarees for fall

Hey babe, how are you? Ready for some new outfit inspiration? Great, because I have styled my favorite pair of dungarees for fall. I used my new favorite turtleneck to do so. If you want to see two more outfits with this turtleneck, I suggest you check this article or this video. It shows you three different ways to wear this amazing turtleneck by Stradivarius. I personally loved this outfit the most, because these dungarees for fall are everything to me. They fit me like a glove and look great with almost any color you can imagine.

My dungarees have a tight fit, which makes it really easy to style them with ankle or high boots. I decided to wear my Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots with the white chunky heel. I love how these boots make the outfit look a bit edgier. That was exactly what I was going for, since the turtleneck has a very vibrant color. I felt like I needed to add some toughness to the outfit to pull off that beautiful kickass color. I used one of my favorite jackets to finish the outfit. It’s a really, really old camel colored jacket I once bought at H&M.

The cut of this jacket is quite straight and a bit boxy. I love that I can use a jacket like that to hide my curves a bit. The dungarees are pretty tight and show of my body well. But I’m not always in the mood to show my body. This boxier jacket hides the curves and keeps that edgy touch intact. The last thing I added to this outfit is a small boxy crossbody bag to match the coat. This bag is from Whistles and the gold chain gives the outfit a bit of glamour. The gold also matches the metal hooks on my ankle boots.

I don’t know why, but this outfit really makes my heart sing. I’ve been wearing some edgier outfits lately and this one really does it for me. I love how the jacket adds another simple, yet interesting layer to this outfit. I also like how the camel color softens the bright orange tint of the turtleneck. It tones it down a little, but once you take the jacket of… Boom, it’s right back in your face, haha! I really hope you like this outfit as much as I do, please let me know.

How would you wear dungarees for fall?


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