Dressing as a minimalist

Dressing as a minimalist seemed very boring to me at first. All of the minimalists I found online (about three years ago) were wearing black, white or grey. Not very fun right? As minimalism developed over the years, I’ve found that the outfits were getting better and better. I personally learned to stay away from all black outfits and add some pops of color. Which was really hard for me because I was so used to wearing black only. I also had a hard time finding the right fits, shapes and silhouettes for my body. But I did learn a lot about dressing as a minimalist, so keep reading to find out what exactly!

Buying less

Dressing as a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t buy any clothes. It just means you only buy what you really like and need. That’s why I’ve been investing in tops and jeans. Losing weight and reorganizing my closet created a need for those items. I’ve also bought one pair of boots and two new bags. I used to buy clothes every month, now I only buy a few times a year when I really need it. It also forces me to be really critical of what I buy. The best thing is that it saves me a lot of money, which helps me create my dream wardrobe.

Creating a style

Now this is what’s interesting to me about dressing as a minimalist. I’m learning how to create a style, my style to be precise. Not having too many clothes to choose from, forces me to create outfits in advance. I’ve noticed I keep coming back to certain items and outfits. My style is slowly developing and I have to say I like the process. I like wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan, high heels and a fancy bag. Jewelry is nice, but I often forget to wear it. I like swopping my cardings for blazers and my t-shirts for fun sweaters.

I’m slowly learning which clothes look best on me. I try to buy more of those, so I’ll actually wear whatever hangs in my closet. I have tried to be super fashionable, but wearing extravagant pieces or looking like a Christmas tree just isn’t for me. So I stick to what I like, therefor I don’t buy anything I won’t wear. Now that’s some great minimalism for yah! I’m still working on creating a more recognizable style for myself. I still find that a little hard to do, but I’m slowly getting there.

Neutrals and color

As I mentioned earlier, minimalist often wear neutral colors. I don’t think that’s necessary, but it does make it very easy to create a minimalist wardrobe. Simply because you can mix neutral colors without thinking about it and you can wear them anywhere. That’s why I do have a lot of neutral items in my closet. I have a lot of basic black and white t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans in my wardrobe. I have two pairs of black jeans and my other jeans are in a variety of blue hues. This makes it easy to create a casual outfit that looks proper for everyday wear.

But yes, that gets a little boring especially when you still want to show off some style. That’s why started with t-shirts with simple prints for a pop of color. I also have a green and a yellow blazer. I have two baby blue sweaters and one of them has some red details. These little details give my outfits some fun and character. I love how the more outspoken items make my neutral looks stand out a little more. I also like wearing one eye-catching item, so those clothing items in fun colors help me out a lot! The bottom line is not to lose yourself in neutrals. You can definitely pull off color and more extravagant items as a minimalist.

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Think like a stylist

I used to work as a stylist for a while. I loved creating outfits for photoshoots according to a mood board. A stylist always has to think ahead and create multiple outfits just in case. I’ve learned how to apply that to my own wardrobe, which wasn’t easy. I often tend to wear the same type of outfit because it’s easy. I forget to plan ahead for important days at the office or fun events. Which often leads me to, you guessed it: Wear the same type of outfit again! That’s why I’m really trying to think like a stylist for myself.

I’m currently working on planning my outfits per week or five workdays. Whatever I wear in the weekend is usually not important because I’m by myself, family or friends. But when it comes to work and events, I want to put more effort in my outfits. I’ve learned that many minimalists do this. It makes it easier to get dressed fast and still look good. It also takes the stress of dressing out of the equation, which is good if you’re bad at styling or if you like to sleep in a little longer like me, haha!

This is what I’ve learned when it comes to dressing like a minimalist. I hope it helps you out and don’t forget to tell me what you’ve learned about fashion and minimalism. I can always use more tips!



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