Easy Keto diet meal prep hacks

I love the Keto diet or eating Keto style, as I like to say. But eating Keto style can be difficult at times. It can also be quite hard to turn it into something that comes naturally to you. Mostly because there are carbs everywhere and in almost any type of food out there. Keto also asks for a lot of cooking and meal prepping, which can be hard to do if you’re a busy person. Thankfully I found some really easy Keto diet food hacks that you can apply in daily life. These will help you prepare meals and snacks much faster. So let’s get to it, because these food hacks are amazing!

Boiled eggs

When I first started Keto, I had a pretty hard time with meal prepping. Until I discovered boiled eggs, which you can use for many dishes. Boiled eggs can be added to a salad, eaten as a snack or made into deviled eggs. I often boil about six eggs on Sunday and keep them in my fridge for the coming week. You can do the same and just toss a couple of eggs in your bag as a snack. Add some beef sticks and cheese cubes, and you have yourself a nice charcuterie platter on the go.

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Beef sticks and cheese cubes

I personally love having cheese cubes in the fridge. They’re super easy to use when it comes to portion control and there are many flavors to choose from. Cheese is also almost always no to very low carb. I often bring about ten cheese cubes with me and then I add two turkey sticks. Beef or turkey sticks are also really good to have around. They’re perfect if you want to add protein to your diet or if you’re lusting for a savory snack. They also contain salt, which is important on the Keto diet.

Instant chicken broth

Yes, you can make chicken broth from scratch, but I don’t have time for that. That’s why I’m so happy that there’s instant chicken broth. I always have a few packets at the office to replenish the salt levels in my body. Chicken broth also tastes quite good to me and I love having a cup in the morning or in the afternoon. It holds me over before a bigger meal and it adds some extra water to my body. The salt in instant chicken broth has also helped me fight the fatigue, headaches and nauseous feeling I was suffering from.

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Pulled chicken

It doesn’t seem like a keto diet food hack, but in my opinion, it really is. I’ve been making batches of pulled chicken for a while now and I love how easy it’s to use in your Keto meals. I often turn two to four chicken breasts into pulled chicken. I keep the pulled chicken in an airtight container in the fridge. Pulled chicken can be very flavorful and it’s easy to weigh out on a scale. This makes it really easy to use as a base for a salad bowl.


Oh yes, my Keto diet food hacks also include pickles. I’ve been enjoying them a lot lately. Mostly because pickles have the perfect sweet and sour balance. And I love the bite they provide, which is something people on Keto tend to miss. You can store pickles for a very long time. Therefor buying them in bulk could be a good idea. Pickles are also in the cucumber family so they’re often very low carb. Do check the food label because not every brand has low carb pickles.

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Greek yoghurt and cacao powder

Greek yoghurt with cacao powder is one of my favorite Keto diet food hacks. Simply because most Keto dishes are always warm. But not everyone likes to start their day with something warm on their plate. Sometimes you just want something fresh, sweet and chocolaty. I love having a bowl of 10% fat Greek yoghurt. I always use a hundred grams of the yoghurt and ten grams of cacao powder. Cacao powder can be high in carbs, but I found some organic brands who have some lower carb powders. Mix it all together and enjoy this awesome snack.

These are my easy Keto diet food hacks, I hope you like them! They helped me out a lot when it comes to meal prepping or having some easy snacks on the go. Do you have some good Keto food hacks? Let me know in the comments below, because I can always use some more food hacks.

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