Easy ways to a healthier life

Easy ways to a healthier life, is that possible? Yes doll, it is! When I started working on my health about a year and a half ago I started with the easy stuff. Just to get myself prepared for the real work. Because changing your lifestyle does take some time and effort. The saying ‘Old habits die hard’ is spot on. So let me help you out with some of the tricks I used to get myself into a healthier life, are you ready?

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Intrinsic motivation

Paying attention in class taught me that there is something called intrinsic motivation. Which basically means motivation coming from within. This is the best motivation because it will drive you harder than any other. In my case the intrinsic motivation came from wanting to feel happy in my own body. Not because I was told by family to lose weight, or friends cheering me on to do something better with my life. No, it was all me!

So my main tip is to find your own intrinsic motivation, because that’s the one who’ll keep you going. Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to live healthier? Do you really want stop snacking so much? Do you really want to lose weight and why? If you don’t really want to do it, you will notice soon enough because you won’t pull through. And to be honest, that is okay too. But don’t pretend you want it, when you really don’t. That’s the worst for any type of motivation for any goal.

easy ways to a healthier life

Cold turkey

I like doing things cold turkey, that’s just how my personality works. And even if you’re not like me, this might me the best thing to do. Easy ways to a healthier life sometimes means kicking your own butt, because it really helps! So I stopped drinking Coca cola, cold turkey. Why? Because easing yourself into something, sometimes just takes way too long and you end up not doing it. So the easier way is to just quit and in this case quitting is good!

I also stopped eating at McDonalds, Burger King and any other fast food restaurant. I don’t have to tell you that whatever they say, eating in these types of restaurants isn’t good for your health. Once in a while? Sure, that’s okay but I was eating McDonalds almost every day. I pretty much had every meal there and no, that is not good. So after watching the Supersize me documentary I knew enough. Fast food was a big no-no for me.

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Start learning

I learned that losing weight isn’t just about counting calories. You can eat a 100 calories of broccoli or a 100 calories of Oreos. We all know the broccoli option is the healthier one, but I didn’t realize that until I started learning about food. I am not saying you should believe everything you read or hear, but getting yourself educated on food really helps. I now finally understand macronutrients and how they work for my body.

Now that I know what to eat and why to eat it, I’m able to make much healthier choices. I still eat cookies, hamburgers and other good tasting things. But I finally understand what eating a cookie does to my body. It makes it so much easier to make better choices when it comes to food and exercise. Watching documentaries, Youtube videos and reading up on healthy tips really helped me out a lot. So try and get yourself some basic health information when you can.

healthier life

Working out

My last tip for easy ways to a healthier life is exercising. Even if you just go once a week, you need to start working out. It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk with the dog or go to the gym, as long as you do something. Working out gives you a sense of purpose and it makes you feel good about yourself. Why would you say no to that? So get your planner and setup a workout for every week. Go by yourself, don’t rely on other people to work on your health.

Yes, I am taking you right back to the first tip: Intrinsic motivation. You don’t need anyone to get an exercise in, remember that! If your friend isn’t joining you, go by yourself. If you are truly able to do that, you know your motivation is the right one. You don’t even have to do what everyone else does. If you don’t want to do fitness, but you might want to learn how to figure skate. Pick something you like or try some sports out, as long as you do something.

Are you ready to get healthy?


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