Ellesse hoodie and Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots

Oh, how I love a good hoodie! This time I found myself another velvet hoodie by Ellesse. This old school brand has a lot of nice sweaters and hoodies, just like this one. I found this velvet Ellesse hoodie at Topshop and fell in love the moment I saw it. I love the feeling of velvet, it’s so soft and cozy. This hoodie is also very long, which makes it perfect for days I want to be ready fast. I can grab a pair of jeans or leggings, my new Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots and walk out the door.

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The deep blue color of the Ellesse hoodie matches the Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots perfectly. I have been eying these boots for months, but I thought they were too expensive. As a minimalist I think twice about everything I’d like to buy, and these boots didn’t make the cut. Until I saw them on sale for half the price and I had just thrown away another pair of shoes. This time it was a match made in heaven. These Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots aren’t the type of boots I’ normally buy. Mostly because they’re a bit chunky and not that high.

But I really want to create a wardrobe that has more than one style. And these boots give a bit of edge to any outfit. They are also very stable because of the chunky heel. That’s what makes them perfect for a day on the road, while still looking absolutely fabulous. This outfit shows that they look great under a pair of jeans and a nice hoodie. I could even wear them with a nice blazer or a nice t-shirt paired with a cardigan. Aaah, I can’t wait to try all kinds of combinations.

I already really like this one, how about you?


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tommy hilfiger ankle bootsPIN IT!

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