February fit challenge #1: Physique update, workout and keto meals

Hey babes, I’m back with some really good news. The February Fit Challenge has started and I’m on it! I really like the idea of getting back on track this month. January is always filled with leftovers and old snacks, which makes February ideal to start working on your healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t joined The Healty Lifestyle Facebook group yet, I suggest you do. It’s free and anyone can join, no matter what your goals are.

february fit challengePIN IT!

The only rules are to post inspiring things to keep yourself and others motivated, in order to create a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has their own goals and we will nog judge or be rude others. I will of course post something every weekday to keep you going. My videos, like the one in this article, will hopefully give you that kick in the butt you need. I also have my own goals for this February Fit Challenge which I’m sharing in the video.

I’m really going for it and we will see if I made it by the end of the month. Are you ready?


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