February Fit Challenge #2: When failure becomes succes

Well hello, welcome to the second episode of the February Fit Challenge. This week has been a ride and not as I had planned. Life has been stressful as I’ve talked about it before. Instead of fighting the stressed feeling, I decided to just go with it. This week ended up being filled with doing absolutely nothing but work. I filled my days with taking the time to unwind and just let go of all the stress. I also went out for dinner, ate some chips, cookies and ice cream. Yum, yum, yummy!

february fit challengePIN IT!

As I explain in the video, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. It doesn’t seem right to just sit at home and pity yourself. But sometimes, that is exactly what you should do. Just let it out and pick yourself up later. Don’t let society fool you and think you’re not allowed to feel bad once in a while. That will (probably) only hold you back from your February Fit Challenge goals. I can tell you more about it and what I mean all day long. Instead I wrapped it all up in this new February Fit Challenge episode.

Enjoy and keep on stepping!


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