Five healthy food tips for 2019

Happy new year! Did you have a good first day in 2019? I hope you did! Since the year just started, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I’ve learn from eating healthy in 2018. Mainly because December is the month where I don’t watch my food intake because I just want to enjoy all the delicious food. But the new year has started and that means I’m in it to win it, yet again. I hope these healthy food tips will help you to get started on a healthy note in the new year too, let’s go!

Water is your friend

I guess any article on healthy food tips will tell you that water is good for you. Unfortunately, my water intake wasn’t that good before I started eating healthier. I would often forget to drink something or not drink anything because I didn’t feel like peeing all the time. This resulted in getting heavy headaches and stomachaches. I also didn’t realize I drank way too many sugary drinks and I basically drank myself fat.

One of my healthy food tips is to stop drinking sugary drinks asap! Start replacing them with (for example) pure tea and at least one bottle of water a day. You see, many people don’t realize they consume a lot of sugar through drinks. Drinks seem so innocent compared to food, but they’re definitely not. I personally had a hard time quitting sugary drinks, especially Coca Cola which was my vice. But after I stopped drinking it, I noticed my mind was clearer than ever. I also had less to no headaches and I was able to lose weight faster.

Log your diet

A lot of people, including myself, don’t realize what they’re actually eating. I’m not telling you to get obsessed and stressed about your food intake, but keeping track of it can really help you. I started using the My fitness pal app a few years ago and I logged everything I ate for a few weeks. Honestly, I was shocked to the core! I didn’t realize how many calories, carbs, fats and protein I was and wasn’t eating. I realized I had no insight in what I was doing.

My healthy food tip is to track your food intake for at least a month. Be honest and log everything you eat every day. This will give you insight in your diet. You might miss some important food groups, macros or calories. Keeping track of what you eat might give you the information you were missing to really boost your healthy food intake. I for instance learned I was eating too many carbs and not enough protein and fibers. A very important insight which helped me get rid of fat and stomachaches.

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Find your own rhythm

I know there are many diets launched every year. To be honest, I was one of those people who desperately followed a few of those to lose weight. All these restrictive diets left me hungry, stressed and confused. I would end up snacking my way back to my starting point and I would be even sadder because nothing seemed to work. That’s why I decided to stop using restrictive diets and figure out what my body really needs.

Finding your own rhythm is more important than following other people’s advice or diets. I personally think it’s better to find a way of eating that suits your body. Eat foods that make you feel better and actually contribute to a healthier body. For me eating Keto style is the best thing ever. I don’t have to count calories, I just keep an eye on my carb intake. And if I ever feel the need to eat a hamburger or a brownie, I can just eat it without stressing out. This is one of my best healthy food tips: Listen to your own body, it will tell you what it needs!

Visit a dietitian

A couple of years ago I decided to visit a dietitian: Best thing ever! You see, we all need a bit of help sometimes. A professional dietitian will be able to help you find your own rhythm, which is very important! I know there’s a lot of free information on the internet, but your body and needs are unique. And dietitians are not just for people who want to lose weight. There are actually a lot of dietitians with their own specialties.

In my case I needed a dietitian who knew a lot about food for people with food allergies. There are also dietitians who can help you with a sports, pregnancy or specific diet. My point is that it’s a good idea to ask a professional for help. A dietitian can help you understand how your own body works, what it needs and how you can use foods to create a healthier body. You can even get a customized diet for your own goals and needs.

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Food is not the enemy

My last healthy food tip is all about seeing food as your friend. With all the free information and (bad) advice on the internet, it can be hard to not get afraid of food. Which isn’t that weird, because people are constantly telling you what foods are or aren’t good for you. This can give you cancer, that will make you fat and this is something you should never eat. Yup, these reports can drive you crazy!

I think it’s better to see food as your friend, food is not the enemy. A healthy relationship with food should be your goal. Yes, eating healthy is always a good idea. This doesn’t mean you should feel bad or guilty when you eat a pizza. Don’t worry about it, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite snacks or candy. Just make sure you balance it with healthy food, working out and a healthy mindset towards your daily food intake.

I hope these healthy food tips will help you start 2019 on the right foot. Stay healthy, enjoy your treats once in a while and dance to your own drum!


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