Four easy ways to start with minimalism

Hey doll, today I want to share easy ways to start with minimalism. Since the new year just started and Netflix published a Marie Kondo series, many people are trying to get into minimalism. If you want to know what minimalism is, you can read this article. In short minimalism is a lifestyle where you focus on only keeping and buying what you really like and need. This will help you save money and time to spend on experiences, family, friends and yourself. So let’s get started today!

Start with minimalism by creating a plan

Minimalism isn’t a law, it’s a lifestyle and you decide what it looks like. One of the easy ways to start with minimalism is to create a plan for yourself. Instead of starting minimalism at a random starting point, write down why and what you want to accomplish first. This will give you a structure and goals to work with. Minimalism is all about creating more time and saving money for things that are really important to you. A little planning can help you get those things faster.

You can start by making short to do lists on an everyday basis. Some people create journals or just use their planners like I do. I love planning out my capsule wardrobe on paper and when I notice I’m procrastinating when it comes to cleaning, I just make a list for it. You can create plan for short and long-term goals. By writing down your goals you’re making it official. Trust me, it will give you much satisfaction when you can cross out things you’ve accomplished.

Make small changes

I said it once and I’ll say it again: ‘Minimalism is a process.’ This means you don’t have to be perfect at it immediately. As a matter a fact, there is no being perfect at minimalism. Because everyone is different and we all have a different lifestyle, therefor we will all use minimalism differently. Don’t feel obligated to change your life overnight. Instead work on making small changes that actually work for you.

You could start with not buying clothes for a month. Or maybe you’ll order less take out, cook more at home and save money for healthier groceries. You can start by cleaning out one room per week or start a capsule wardrobe. What about cycling to work instead of taking your car? Maybe clean out your kitchen and get creative with kitchen appliances you haven’t used in a while. Start with small changes, because a hundred small steps make one giant step!

Don’t throw away everything

Minimalism isn’t about throwing away everything you can find in your house. It’s not about having an empty house, unless that’s what you really like. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think that’s what minimalism is about. Minimalism isn’t a contest and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you just throw things away for no reason, you’re missing the point of minimalism. So don’t worry, you don’t have to throw away as much as you can. I want to motivate you to use the things you already have.

In my opinion it’s best to roam through your house and check what you can still use. For instance, I had a lot of cooking ingredients in my kitchen, which I really needed to use instead of just throwing it away. Therefor I made some new dishes so nothing would go to waste. I also started using up all the miniature beauty products I was giving. You see, minimalizing doesn’t mean throwing away things you can still use, just to say you’re minimizing. Don’t waste items in your house that are still usable!

Four easy ways to start with minimalismPIN IT!

Clean up a little every day

Since minimalism is a lifestyle also designed to give you peace of mind, cleaning up is a big part of it. You might not notice it on the daily, but a house filled with clutter isn’t very good for your mindset. I personally can’t concentrate in a cluttered house, which is often the case, oops! I work a lot and I often don’t feel like cleaning up when I get home. Which results in not being able to completely rest and relax in my own house.

One of the easy ways to start with minimalism is to make cleaning up an everyday habit. It starts with making your bed. To be honest, I rarely do this but when I do it feels so much better. There’s just nothing better than jumping into a freshly made bed by the end of the day. You can do it in five minutes, and it gives you so much more headspace and a clear mind. This is why I’m trying to take on the habit of cleaning up a little every day. It also prevents you from having all kinds items you don’t really need laying around in your house.

I hope these four easy ways to start minimalism are helpful. If you have any questions feel free to let me know, I’d love to help you out!


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