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Another one! < Insert DJ Khaled voice > Just kidding, but I am back with another Office Adventures episode. It’s been a while since I uploaded the last one, which was in October 8, 2017. I stopped making the Office Adventures videos because I thought, my viewers thought they were boring. They weren’t getting enough views, so it felt useless to make them. Now that my channel and blog have changed up, I feel confident about making more episodes again. Besides, I’m not about the views anymore. I’m about making content I truly love.

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The Office Adventures are perfect for women like you, who love being entrepreneurial. Maybe you want to be an actual entrepreneur and setup your own business, super cool! I’ve noticed more women are into that idea and are also actually doing it. Therefor I hope my ten years of experience will help you out, by putting it all out in these new episodes. I want to show the real deal about being an entrepreneur, which isn’t always easy at all. These videos will hopefully be helpful in a practical way, but also very motivating. So let’s get into it right now!

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