Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence, a good drugstore hair serum

When you find a good hair serum, you share it with the world. So here it is, the Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence. This serum has been a lifesaver, or should I say hair saver? I’ve always been a fan of Gliss Kur products, but they’ve discontinued quite a few products over the years. Like one of my favorites serums which now seems to be replaced by this new and better hair serum. So let’s dig in and see why I like it so much.

The Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence comes in a bottle with a pump. Which is awesome because I don’t like spray bottles or the ones without any cap at all. The little pump makes it really easy to dose the serum as you go. The brand recommends one to two pumps which you apply on wet or damp hair. I personally use four pumps because I have a lot of hair. I part my hair in two and use two pumps on each side.

I always use a brush to evenly divide the serum after applying it with my hands. This product contains a lot of silicones, it’s the main ingredient (Cyclomethicone) in the Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence. This is perfect for people who often straighten their hair, but it feels very gross on your hands. Make sure you wash your hands after applying the serum, because it will get really sticky-ish. The third ingredient is the Macadamia nut oil, so that’s a good thing.

The more oil, the better in my opinion. Especially if you have dry or split ends, but the Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence can be used on all hair types. I personally like that this serum actually seems to hydrate the ends of my hair. Some serums just lay some kind of glossy layer on your hair, but do not really hydrate it. This serum contains Macadamia nut oil and that might be the reason why the ends of my hair are doing better.

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I also like that this serum doesn’t make my hair feel greasy, even though it contains silicones. It doesn’t way my hair down either and it adds a good amount of shine. In combination with the Nature Box coconut shampoo and the Garnier hair mask I use, this serum really completes the golden combo. The Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence isn’t the cheapest serum at the drugstore as it’s priced at €11,65 at or $14,90 on Amazon.

I do think it’s worth the investment when I compare it to other high-end serums. This is definitely a product I will buy again, simply because it’s just as good, if not better than more expensive serums. You can also get it in pretty much any drugstore which is also nice for a change. I don’t always want to order online when I’m in a hurry or running out. So yes, this product gets to ‘okay go’ from me.

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Gliss Kur 6 miracles oil essence hair serumPIN IT!

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