Grey on grey outfit with a blazer

I’ve always had a thing for grey clothing items, but I’ve never styled an outfit like this before. Here’s to firsts! I bought this blazer at Zara last year during the summer. It was an amazing find, because it’s obviously a well-cut blazer. I also love that it’s grey, but not too dark. It has a subtle weave design and beautiful pearl buttons with silver hardware. The pearly and silver details give the blazer a fresh look. Which makes me look extra swift and dapper when I wear it. Yes, it’s all in the details for this grey on grey outfit.

I decided to wear the light grey blazer over a dark grey turtleneck by Mango. You know I love me some contrast, if you’ve been following me for a while. For me it’s all in the subtle details that make you look, literally. I like discovering new little details in someone else’s outfit and I try to create little surprises in my own outfits too. That’s why I matched the silver hardware on the buttons with the silver heels on my pumps. The pumps are actually very old, but they still look quite good. I bought them at Zara and I have no regrets!

It’s weird, I rarely walk into a Zara store. But when I do, I tend to find amazing pieces. Just like the belt I’m wearing for this outfit. I wish I had a belt with a silver buckle, but I haven’t managed to find one I like. Normally I would not mix my metals, but I guess it doesn’t look too bad in this outfit. Although I would really prefer everything in silver, because it matches the grey on grey outfit better. I did manage to balance it out with a very dainty gold necklace with the cutest little star.

I got the necklace on sale at Fashionology, a Dutch jewelry that stole my heart. They have amazing minimalistic pieces and that’s right up my alley. I also wore very tiny hoop earring by the same brand, just to frame my face a bit better. And with those finishing touched I made this grey on grey outfit with a blazer work pretty well. This is definitely an outfit I would wear to work or to a lunch date with friends. It makes me look like I thought about my outfit but didn’t go overboard.

So, what do you think? Is this outfit hit or shit, let me know!


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