How I accelerate weight loss, Summer Body Challenge

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to another episode of the Summer Body Challenge. As you might have noticed I’ve been going to the gym again. Three times a week so I can really work on rebuilding my body. Which is really necessary as I’ve been gaining weight instead of losing weight during this challenge. That’s why I’ve been using some tricks to accelerate weight loss. These are tricks that helped me before and I figured that it’s good time to bring them out again. Because I don’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore and that is a big no no! If you have the same problem, this video is perfect for you.

how I accelerate weight lossPIN IT!

I have a few good reasons for my weight gain though and I want to discuss them in this video. Since the Summer Body Challenge isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about resetting my entire healthy lifestyle. Meaning I also work on how I cope with stress, frustration and daily live in general. Therefor resetting my mindset and working on mental health is a big part of this challenge. I’m also for showing you my real life, because there’s already too much fakery out there. So here I am, giving you my honest update and my plan to get back on track!

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