How to find your style as a minimalist

So you want to be a minimalist, but still look stylish? Then you should definitely read this article and watch this video, because it’s all about finding your own style as a minimalist. Having style is not a given for many people, most of us don’t even know what it means. Most people think having style is the same as having a lot of clothes. Minimalism seems to make it all a lot easier, since you get rid of the extra clothes you don’t need. Shouldn’t that make it easier to dress yourself in your own style? Well, a lot of minimalistic people still have trouble dressing themselves. So, keep on reading about how to find your style as a minimalist, if you have the same problem.

What is style anyway?

Style is how you dress or present yourself, it’s like a fingerprint. It’s how you express your unique personality trough fashion, meaning clothes and accessories. That’s why you often hear the term ‘signature style’ in the fashion industry. People with actual style are very recognizable, they don’t even have to say a thing. You’ll immediately recognize who they are and what they’re about by their looks. Style isn’t the same as having a lot of (expensive) clothes. It’s how you put it all together to show who you are and what you stand for.

That’s why certain people have become style icons like Karl Lagerfeld. His black and white outfits with the sunglasses can’t be missed. Cher is also a style icon, she is more on the glamorous side. You’ll be able to recognize her by her ever-changing hair, or should I say wigs? Think about Pamela Anderson, who has made her beach babe style an actual style. All of these people dress themselves a certain way, which is always recognizable: They have their own signature style.

Minimalism and style

Minimalism is a lifestyle and it’s all about only buying and keeping what you really need. For some reason, people seem to think being a minimalist also means dressing very plain or boring. The media has taken this plain way of dressing and calls it a minimalistic style. It’s almost like a uniform, every minimalist seems to look the same. Many popular minimalists only wear black, white or earthy tones. This might make sense, because most minimalists don’t want to spend too much time on their outfits. Neutral colors are easy to mix and match, which takes the stress out of dressing up in the mornings.

But wearing neutral colors as a minimalist doesn’t mean you have style. Especially when everyone who wants to be a minimalist starts dressing the same. That’s more of a trend, not a unique style to set yourself apart from the rest. So no, wearing neutral colors as a minimalist is not a style, unless it really says something about who you are and how you want to present yourself. My point is that being a minimalist doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun with your outfits. Neither does it mean you should lose your signature style to show who you are.

How to find your style as a minimalist

Step one is to dive into your closet to see what your favorite items are. Take them all out and lay them out on your bed or the floor. You can also use a clothing rack and hang it all up to see. Seeing the items you wear the most and truly love, will give you an idea about your style. Why do you love those jeans? Why do you have so many sweaters or colorful shoes? Why do you wear these items and how do they make you feel? What do people say when they see you in your favorite outfits?

These are important questions and you’re going to write the answers down. It’s good to see your style written out in front of you. This helps you focus and really understand what is going on with your own style as a minimalist. By the way, there is no right or wrong here. Finding your own style is a process, it doesn’t always (have to) happen right away. Let me show you what I’ve written down about my style. This will hopefully give you an idea of how you can write it down for yourself.

Ask yourself these questions

I used these questions to find my own style and I’m sharing my answers as a guideline.

What’s in my closet?

I have many jeans because I love how they look on me. I wear colorful tops and sweaters to look more put together, but I don’t wear prints often. I have many black basics because I think black adds style instantly. I also like how easy I can style black items. To make sure it doesn’t look boring I often wear high heels and high-end handbags with special details. Less is more in my opinion.

My outfits make me feel like…

I’m stylish enough to look interesting to other people. My high heels make me feel powerful and taller. My outfits amplify my moods and that’s really important to me. My designer handbags and shoes make me feel luxurious, but not over the top glam.

Other people say that I…

Always wear my hair down and they’ll immediately point out that it’s weird when I’m not wearing heels. I get compliments about my bags and shoes a lot. They’re often a bit confused when I suddenly wear something bright or with a fine pattern. I usually wear solid colors and little to no jewelry. People are often surprised to find out I have my ears pierced when I do wear earrings. They like it when I turn up the glam and show up in a skintight dress. I sometimes hear they think I should wear those type of outfits more often.

My own style turns out to be…

Casual, chic and sometimes super glammed up. My bullet points are: Less is more, feminine, casual, preppy and fun. I’d like people to see that I mean business, but I also like having fun. My long hair isn’t going anywhere and neither will my long polished nails. That is the most feminine about me, along with my curves. I’m a grown woman and therefor I like deeper, darker and emerald colors to show that off. My clothes are well fitted so you can see my curves peeking out a little. I stay away from big prints, bright colors and sneakers.

What I would like to enhance?

I look good in dresses, yet I rarely wear them. I want to change that this coming year. I love wearing black as a base, but I need a bit more color in my closet. I’m currently learning how to layer better, so I can make my outfits more interesting without too much effort. I’m experimenting with belts and jewelry, because I realize those little details finish my outfits. I’d love to glam up a little more, it’s been a while and I miss it. I look to casual too much and I want to change that up.

Test everything

Now that you have an idea of what your style is, you might miss a few pieces to actually pull it off. This is where I advise you to use Pinterest, fashion blogs, magazines and Youtube for inspiration. Find people with similar body types, styles and vibes as you. I’m not saying you should copy them, I’m saying you should study them. For instance, I often look at Kim and Kourtney Kardashian for outfit ideas. Mainly because I have a similar body type and hair color. You will never see me in biker shorts like Kim, but I do like the colors she wears.

I also follow a lot of fashion bloggers and take inspiration from their outfits. I use all of that inspiration to create my own signature style as a minimalist. I use my own clothes, my own taste and I work with what I have to show you who I am and what I stand for. And if I really need some extra items to create my signature style, I’ll invest in high quality pieces. This makes my outfits unique and it definitely helps me have my own style. It’s also a lot of testing. Try on different outfits, change things up and see how it makes you feel. Check if your outfits show others what you want them to know about you.

And that’s it for now! I hope these tips will help you find your style as a minimalist. Let me know if it works for you and stay tuned for more style tips, because I’m on a roll!

Level up,


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