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Yay, the Summer Body Challenge has officially started! I stepped on the scale on May 1th and saw it hit 64,6 kg. That sorta kinda made me want to cry, but I quickly got over it. Mainly because I know I’m able to lose weight fast. The only thing stopping me right now is a lack of structure, routine and too much stress. I’m also not completely better yet either, I’m still very tired physically. Therefor working out has been out of the question for the last two months. And I’m honestly too tired to start working out as much as I used to.

Thankfully I’ve set my first Summer Body Challenge week up really easy. The only thing I did this week since May 1th is intermittent fasting and watching my calorie intake. This gives me the time to slowly adjust to a better way of eating and working out again. I personally think many people forget the mental aspect of weight loss. You see, if you don’t fix whatever is holding you back first, losing weight is going to be very difficult. That’s why I’m focusing on mindset a lot during this Summer Body Challenge.

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I already know that if I were to go Keto cold turkey now, I’d probably fail within two days. I’m just not in the right mood yet, so this in between solution is a perfect fit. I’m taking a week and half to slowly adjust my food and my mindset, before I go strict like I want to. And I’m still losing weight, just check my results in my new video. You’ll be surprised how much intermittent fasting can do for you. Especially when you watch your carb and calorie intake, I love it! And I’m very curious to hear what you think of my strategy.

Watch the video and let me know!


P.S. Did you lose any weight this week?


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