How to kickstart a healthy lifestyle

Hello love, how are you? I hope you are having an awesome day. If not and you want to create a better lifestyle, this is the article for you. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, which isn’t just about working out and diets. I personally love creating the best version of myself, but that also means I have to make changes. I’ve learned a lot about creating a healthy lifestyle the last few years, and I hope my experiences can help you create your own healthy lifestyle. So grab yourself a cookie or an apple if you want to be healthy, and start reading!

You are unique

I think a lot of people forget that they are unique. I know I did, and I didn’t even think about creating a lifestyle that matches my body. After trying everything that I could find on the internet and in books, I finally gave up. Nothing really worked for me and I felt very frustrated. Until I realized that my body is unique and in order to create a healthy lifestyle, I needed to listen to it. This is why I want to advise you to take a second and think about what your unique body needs.

Kickstart a healthy life by researching your lifestyle, your mental and physical needs. Create a healthy life that matches all your needs, instead of blindly following people online. See a doctor, a dietician and a trainer. Ask them for professional advice and ask away to make sure you have the information you need. Take responsibility for your life and kickstart a healthy life the right way. I’m sharing this tip because it took me so long to figure things out by myself. When I could’ve saved so much time by going to a doctor and dietician sooner. So take my advice and save yourself some time.

Shop with a grocery list

It sounds so simple, but when I shop without a grocery list, I often buy all kinds of things I don’t really need. I tend to roam the isles without purpose and look for things I might feel like eating. Those things often aren’t healthy at all. Therefor I try to plan shopping sprees in advance so that I know exactly what to buy and what I’ll spend. I’ve noticed it helps me to stick to my list when I’m in the supermarket. Being focused on what I planned on buying takes the focus off unhealthy foods.

No, it doesn’t always work. I do end up buying something tasty anyway once in a while, but it happens so much less than before. I can honestly say that using a grocery list has helped me create a healthier lifestyle. Planning out my groceries has made me very aware of all the things I eat. As I personally write down all things I’m going to buy, I confront myself daily about all the bad choices I might make. I’ve also found a lot of healthy options by researching my groceries beforehand and that has definitely made my eating habits better.

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Plan your meals

This is where I fall of the wagon a lot! I go out to work, get hungry and buy something unhealthy to fill my stomach fast. Needless to say, that this is exactly why I have trouble eating strict Keto at the moment. Keto demands planning your meals to prevent messing up your diet. But planning your meals in general is a really good idea. As there is food everywhere you go, it’s too easy to buy unhealthy snacks or meals. It’s literally everywhere, from the fast food restaurants to the vending machines on every corner.

I can’t tell you how many times I start my week of right eating healthy. Just to mess up my flow when I go out by snacking unhealthy food on the road. Therefor I’m trying to create a new habit, by planning my meals at least two or three days in advance. This ties in with my grocery list, which I try to assemble with healthy foods only. After shopping I try to meal prep as much as possible, because my busy schedule can ruin a healthy day of eating quickly. Meaning I often don’t feel like cooking because it takes too much time, meal prepping gets that out of the way.

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A new way of eating

I don’t like to talk about diets, as they are all about restriction which doesn’t work for most people. Instead of dieting, I like to work on a way of eating that works for me. Like eating Keto style with intermittent fasting. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of eating that works for me. I never feel like I’m not allowed to eat something. I never feel like I’m restricting myself, I simply watch my carb intake and enjoy whatever it is I’m eating. It shouldn’t matter what way you eat, just make sure it works for you and your body.

For example, counting calories did not work for me at all. It was driving me crazy and I felt frustrating just looking at numbers all day. Just focusing on my macros wasn’t working that well either, but it felt much better. I also didn’t know what macros would work for me, so it didn’t work out that well in the end. Until I found Keto and I figured out that I needed to replace ‘the bad’ carbs with the good carbs. That’s when things started to fall in place. I lost weight, adopted a very healthy way of eating and felt much better all the time. So figure out your own way of eating and stick to it, don’t just follow someone else’s routine.

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Shock your system

You can kickstart a healthy lifestyle by shocking your system. Whether that means picking up a new habit like putting down your phone and relax a little more. Or going for an extra stroll with the dog to get your exercise in. Shocking your system can give you some new energy, inspiration and often much needed motivation. New things can spark something in your brain that makes you want to make more changes. Which is exactly what you need when you’re creating a healthy lifestyle.

Because a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about food and exercise. It can also be about mental health, a different mindset, more friendships or quality time with loved ones. I think this part of life is often overlooked, which is weird as it can create a better life in general. Therefore, my last tip is to also focus on the quality of your social life. Interaction with other people and animals sparks joy, and who says no to that!? So don’t forget to invest in relationships to strengthen your healthy lifestyle.

Now of you go, create that healthy lifestyle that fits you!


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