I finally went to the gym for the Summer Body Challenge

Oh no, my vlog is up a little later than usual. As you may have noticed, Youtube had some problems this weekend. Thus no Summer Body Challenge episode on Sunday, but here it is now and ready to go! In this episode I finally went to the gym, which was truly necessary. As I was editing the workout, I saw how my body has gotten out of shape. Even my butt looks sad and saggy, haha! I thought at least my butt would look good, even after not working out for about three months.

to the gymPIN IT!

Boy, was I wrong! That’s why it’s good I finally went to the gym and got that first workout in. It was also harder than I thought it would be. I know your condition goes backwards within 72 hours, but I didn’t think I would lose much strength. But to be honest, I was struggling like crazy, haha! Everything felt super heavy and I could only do a ten reps per set. If you were just like me, not going to the gym for a few months. I truly hope this Summer Body Challenge episode motivates you to go now, today!

Let’s work out people!


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