I got featured in Grazia magazine about minimalisim

Super cool news, I got featured in Grazia magazine about minimalism. This is something I’m very proud of, because I love me some minimalism! I have been a minimalist for about two years now and I love it. It has given me so much peace of mind, it’s amazing. For this particular article I was asked a lot of questions. I answered them all, but they weren’t all published in the magazine. I think this gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about it, right here on my own blog.

Let’s start off with my quote which Sigrid (the journalist) used for the article.

‘I make a conscious effort to live like a minimalist every day. The goal is to only buy and use what I really like and what I really need. I don’t want to base the quality of my life on stuff or things. It gives me peace of mind to not constantly obsess over stuff and not giving into the ‘greedy’ ways of today’s society. I have more time for things like self-development, fun experiences, family and friends. This helps me save a lot of money, which I like to invest in awesome experiences. Having a good time has more value to me than buying and having ‘stuff.’

I love that Sigrid used this quote because it sums up perfectly what minimalism is to me. Minimalism has taught me that I really don’t need a lot of the things I used to buy. Yes, I sorta-kinda knew it in the back of my mind, but I never truly realized it before minimalism. Now that it’s fully integrated in my life, it’s seems weird I ever lived without it. My younger eighteen-year-old self would spend all my money on fashion. I used to study fashion, so it was normal for me to be all about shopping.

I would go shopping almost every week with my friends and I would buy a lot of clothes and accessories. We all thought that having a big wardrobe was the same as having style. As I got older I learned that style isn’t having a lot of clothes, thank god! I have bought so many clothes and accessories that I didn’t really like, just because I thought you were supposed to do that to be in style. Now I only buy clothes when I really need them. I also invest in more expensive pieces to build my dream wardrobe.

I also stopped buying nick-knacks and trinkets for my house. Which cleaned up my house and makes me feel less chaotic in my house. I’ve never put up paintings or posters on my walls because they are too distracting to me. I like having clean white walls and a spacious looking home. To make a long story short, minimalism has cleaned up my life in a good way. That’s why I write and talk about it a lot. Getting featured in Grazia magazine about minimalism totally makes my day!

featured in Grazia magazinePIN IT!

Mostly because I really think minimalism can help people to achieve a life centered around amazing experiences, instead of holding on to things that don’t give you true joy. Having five pairs of new shoes, but no money to go out with your friends sucks. Not being able to truly understand yourself and who you want to be isn’t all that either. Stuff can distract you from finding out who you really are and what you really have to work on to create a better life. Minimalism might help you out and get you there.

Are you ready to give it a try?


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