I have no Christmas decorations, MadMess 2018

Aaand I’m back! I had to take a little break yesterday because I’m sick. I was able to start my day and film some footage. But I fell asleep after lunch and woke up late in the afternoon. I guess I really needed my beauty sleep, haha! In all honesty, I looked horrible and I still don’t feel well. That’s why this video isn’t the video I planned, but I made it work. Today I’m taking you through my groceries for my Christmas desserts. I finally figured out which desserts I’m going to make, yum!

I also quickly touch on the ‘Why I’m still single during Christmas’ video. I’ve noticed some people chose to view it in a negative light, that’s too bad! The video was made to make lonely and/or single people feel better. I think it’s an important subject we need some openness about. So I hope you’ll enjoy this shorter vlog for now. I won’t be uploading tomorrow because I’ll be celebrating Christmas. But you will find the final MadMess video here on my blog on the second day of Christmas.

Stay tuned and merry Christmas in advance,


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