I lost 2 kg in 5 days with strict Keto meals

Hey babe, glad to see you back here on my blog. As promised, I’ve made an effort to create more ‘What I Eat’ videos. Today I’m presenting you with a very in depth ‘What I Eat In A Week’ video. I’m showing you all the strict Keto meals I’ve been eating from Monday to Friday. Which helped me lose 2 kg within those five days, yay! I’m also giving you a realistic point of view on the Keto diet. I hope this answers all the questions I’ve been getting for the last few months.

I’m also showing you all of the macros and my weight updates for every day of the workweek. I’m doing this to show you that’s it’s completely normal to have a fluctuating weight. I want to give you some insight and a healthy perspective on how our bodies can work. Losing weight and eating healthy are part of a process, which means your results will go up and down. Unfortunately, people on Youtube rarely show you these things, which can make you feel like you’re not doing enough.

keto mealsPIN IT!

That’s why I hope that this longer video, on how I actually eat during the week, gives you some peace of mind. I go over why my weight dropped so fast and how I got to that point. I’m also sharing what I’m feeling when I get into ketosis and how I know I am. I hope that this video helps you and if it does, please let me know! I’m all for shining a light on a realistic healthy lifestyle and I hope this video shows you exactly that. Please enjoy this new video with all my strict Keto meals and information on how I use this way of eating.

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