I’m letting go of my old blogging style

Happy new year and welcome to the new Kaya-Quintana.nl! I know, I have some explaining to do. As you might have noticed already, I have changed my blog layout. Although I didn’t have the old one for very long, it never felt like it was really me. I was looking for a magazine type of look and I think I have it down now, do you like it? I’m also in another mindset and looking for a positive change for this new year. So let me tell you more about that right diddy!

Turning the page, I am doing it. I’m letting go of old believes, habits and mindsets. It’s not easy, but I am more than ready to do it. Let me explain, because I understand that this might sound a little vague, haha! As you might have noticed I’m playing around with my blog and Youtube channel. I’m playing with layouts, colors and different content. Mostly because I’m done with doing what every blogger and vlogger does, it’s not me.

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I don’t want to create content to become just like others, nope! When I started in 2008, I did it because I wanted my own place in the world, where I can share whatever it is I like at the moment. When I started making money with blogging and vlogging, I got caught up in the numbers. It was all about unique visitors and less about content I really like. The last year and half that hasn’t been my priority anymore. I do still make some money with my content, but it’s not my main job.

Which is exactly how I like it. Because I tried the full-time influencer thing and I went crazy! It’s not as interesting to me as I thought it would be. It’s basically all about making content and it never stops. It felt incredibly boring and suffocating to me. My media and pr-agency is my fulltime job now, I love it. There is always something else to do and I have amazing people around me all day. Being a fulltime influencer was a lonely life for me.

Letting go of the old believe I had about creating content is the best thing ever. I feel so much better now that I only write about and film things I really like. Even if no one is watching, I’m still having a blast. Yes, I’d like to grow my blog and Youtube channel again. And I would love to get more income out of it, because it does take up a lot of my time. Which I of course choose to do myself. But I am more in the business of attracting the right people now.

I like letting go of looking at the numbers every day. I like making content that attracts people like me, who are looking for the same things as I am. Which is freedom, inspiration, motivation and basically creating the best version of myself. Now everything I write or vlog about is based around that concept. I obviously also still write about things I like such as beauty products and fashion. But only when I really, really like the products.

This means I have lost a lot of Youtube subscribers and also a lot of readers. They stopped following me after literally telling me that I wasn’t doing what they wanted. And therefore, they didn’t want to follow me anymore. Well, that’s fine by me. I am not in the business of pleasing people who do not like me. Who just want me to whatever it is they want. I want to create content for people who like me and can use the information I share.

I want to surround myself with people who are likeminded, nice and open to trying new things. I’m letting go of doing what everyone else seems to do, which is doing what everyone else does. I was never one to live like that, haha! I hope this inspires you to do the same. To let go of what people want you to do, because you think that will get you far. It might, but you will feel horrible because you can’t be yourself.

I sound like that Frozen movie song, annoying, haha! But it’s true, let it go and you will feel so much better.



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