About ME

‘I’m all about creating the best version of myself’


Hello, how are you doing?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kaya-Quintana and I’m all about creating the best version of myself. Which means I strive to be the best person I can be. I like sharing that process on my blog with you: A person who also likes to create the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. My blog is meant to be a place where you can read about everything that makes my life better. Which hopefully motivates you to create a better life for yourself too.

I also write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Because there is nothing wrong with having a little fun. That is why you can find vlogs and other videos on my blog. I might be a little addicted to Youtube. Sssh, don’t tell anyone, hihi! I started vlogging when I was eighteen, while I was still living at my parents. I was suffering from eczema and a variety of allergies. 

Feeling very sick most of my days, I found that vlogging gave me new energy and creativity.

After vlogging for a while, I decided to start a blog to match my videos. It was the best step I ever took in my entire life. Ten years later I’m still running my blog and Youtube channel. As you might have noticed, my eczema is much better. Dare I say, I look pretty good! Creating a better version of yourself is truly possible. I guess I’m living proof of that. I’m still working on it and I hope you will join me. Let’s have fun while doing it!

Join the movement,


P.S. You might know me from Grazia, Metro, Cosmogirl, Gooisch magazine, Viva400 and EditieNL.