Keto meal prep for the Summer Body Challenge

Are you ready for a Keto meal prep video? This is a video I wanted to make for the longest time and I finally did it! Creating cooking videos takes a lot of time, but I managed to make one which I actually like. So in this video I’m sharing some of the foods I prep for easy meals during the week. I don’t meal prep the way you see people usually do it. I don’t like cooking everything and storing it up to five days in my fridge. I fail to see how your food can still be fresh and taste good.

That’s why I prep my food to the point where I still have to bake, fry or cook it. But I save time by cleaning, chopping and sometimes already cooking some bits during the weekend. This makes it easy to measure what I need, toss it in the pan and quickly build myself a meal. For instance, I now have drained and cut tofu cubes to go. I just have to fry them up, toss them over a bed of lettuce, veggies and add some dressing. I can’t make it any easier for myself, while still keeping the freshness and flavor up to par.

I really hope you like this new video and my meal prep ideas. Don’t forget to let me know if you want to see more videos like this. I personally love making these, so help me out with telling me exactly what you want to see. Most of my meals are at least low carb and Keto proof, but I also like a lot of other dishes. So maybe you want to see some normal healthy meals. I want to try it all, so let me know!

Enjoy the video,


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