Let’s talk: Living with eczema and allergies

This article has been coming for a long time. It just took me a while to film the video and to write the article. Mainly because it’s one of the few subjects that can actually make me cry. Living with eczema and allergies has proven to be more than a challenge. At times I just wanted to die and I’m not exaggerating. Anyone that has been covered in eczema from head to toe at least once, knows how painful it can be. The physical pain can be overwhelming and the mental strength you need to survive is enormous.

Because surviving the day is all that’s on my mind when I have active eczema and allergic reactions. As a child I was covered in eczema from head to toe. My mother would often put bandages on my arms and legs to prevent me from scratching. I can’t imagine how much patience my mother must of had, because a crying and honestly ugly looking child, can’t be easy for any mother. She will of course claim she doesn’t think I looked, or look ugly when I have eczema now. But I can imagine it’s not how a first-time mom wants her child to look.

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So here’s to my mom, who has been awesome about all of this. Now back to living with eczema and allergies. In my case the eczema and allergies are chronic. My doctor explains it as a mistake in my DNA, and you can’t fix your DNA. Therefor I will never fully recover from eczema and allergies. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I still often have allergic reactions and eczema. I never hide it and I often show up on camera with how I look at that moment. It’s a part of me, deal with it.

The real hard part of having eczema and allergies is the pain. Because eczema and allergic reactions do not only itch, they also hurt and later on start to feel like a burn-ish ‘sensation.’ Well, sensation it isn’t, but there is no other way I can describe it. It basically feels like you burned the skin allover your body and there’s nothing you can do about it. When I have eczema on my body, I just can’t find a comfortable position to sit, stand or lay in. Even the wind can make my skin hurt, just like anything I’m wearing at that moment.

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Since your skin is your biggest organ and your completely covered in it, there’s no escape. On top of that you have to live with stupid people, who are rude and impolite. You know people are looking at you, you know they’re thinking or saying something about the way you look. When you’re already feeling low and you’re in pain, this can literally bring you to a breaking point. I’m not a crier, but the eczema and the allergic reactions have brought me to tears many times.

Honestly, living with eczema and allergies is really, really hard. I’m not going to lie and say it’s not that bad, because it really is THAT bad. I had already given up on a normal live when I was a teenager. I thought I was going to single forever, because what man wants to marry an ugly girl. I was basically the female Scarface for 75% of my life up till now. I got fired from jobs, I had trouble doing schoolwork because I was always tired. I had mayor insomnia from not being able to sleep, because I was scratching my face and body all night. Or trying not to.

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My eczema and allergies are worse when my immune system is low or down. These three things are linked together. When my healthy is low or bad the eczema comes up, and the allergic reactions come faster and are worse. Therefor it’s mandatory for me to live a stress-free live and make sure I’m as healthy as possible. This is why I’ve started my own company, why I work out three times a week and eat as healthy as possible. I’ve also eliminated stressful situations, places and negative people from my life.

This has somewhat helped me to create a stronger body and a better immune system. I will never fully recover, as it’s set in stone or in my case my DNA. But I hope I showed you through this article, there can be improvement. If you’ve read this article so far, then I want to thank you for your attention. I hope you are now more aware of what living with eczema and allergies is like. If you ever run into someone with these diseases, please treat them like you’d treat your friends: Polite and with respect. We are just like you, we are not our skin disease.

living with eczema and allergiesPIN IT!

If you also have some form of eczema and/or allergies, my heart goes out to you. I know it can be really bad and sometimes you just want to quit life. I can honestly say I know how it feels and if you ever need someone to talk to, drop me a line! I have many tips and tricks that might help you out, or I can just listen. Just remember there can be ways and solutions to make your life somewhat, or maybe a lot better. Keep your positivity up and never give up on yourself. Because having eczema does not make you less, you deserve whatever it is you desire in life.

So go kick some butt and enjoy your day,


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