Low carb banana pancakes recipe

Who loves bananas? I do! Who loves low carb banana pancakes? I do, and I hope you do too, because these are amazing. It doesn’t matter if you eat Keto style, low carb or normal. These low carb banana pancakes are the perfect match for every banana lover. They are very easy to make, and it doesn’t even take that long to whip them up. I also think these banana pancakes are firm enough to resemble a real pancake. I also made sure they don’t have that ‘annoying’ eggy taste that some low carb pancakes have.

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So, let’s get into the recipe. The ingredient list is quite short, but that’s nice for a change. These are the items you need:

– One older banana, the older the sweeter bananas are.
– Two medium or large eggs.
– Twenty grams of self-rising flour.
– About 15 grams of butter to bake the pancakes in.
– Powdered sugar, syrup, fruit or raisins for toppings if you like.

I made the low carb banana pancake batter in my new blender. But you could also mash everything together with a fork and later on mix it with a whisk. Although I do really recommend a blender for smooth batter. Now let’s make that delicious batter! Peel one banana and mash or blend it up with the two eggs. Make sure the batter is nice and smooth before you add the twenty grams of self-rising flour. The flour is what gives these pancakes a good dense texture, no eggy taste!

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Give the batter one last whisk or blend to incorporate the self-rising flour really well. Heat up a baking pan and slowly melt some of the butter. I suggest you bake your low carb banana pancakes on low to medium heat. I’ve noticed that they brown quite fast, so keep an eye on them. I often didn’t have to wait until I saw the notorious bubbles on top to flip them. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the side your baking. Make sure you flip them before they get too dark. This helps with keeping them fluffy enough.

This recipe made me seven smaller banana pancakes. You could also make them a bit bigger and create two portions of three pancakes per person. I totally recommend this, because I had to eat all seven of them by myself and it was too much. I really had to munch trough them, haha! They filled me up very fast. But that’s not weird, because the eggs and banana contain quite some calories. Which brings me to the macros of these pancakes.

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Based on a serving of one low carb banana pancake you can expect about 55 calories, compared to a normal pancake with about 180 calories. So, one banana pancake contains 55 calories, 6,5 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat and 2,8 grams of protein. If you were to eat all seven pancakes, check the pictures in this article for reference, you’d be eating about 384 calories. That would mean you’d be consuming 45,8 grams of carbs, 14,1 grams fats and 19,4 grams of protein. I think these are the perfect macros for a nice brunch during the weekend.

What I really like about these low carb banana pancakes is the structure and taste. The self-rising flower takes that eggy flavor away and creates a nice mix between a dense and fluffy texture. Try using an older banana for the natural sweetness. Trust me, these pancakes were sweet enough without the powdered sugar. To be honest, I prefer these pancakes without it. It does look really good on the picture though, haha! I also added some raisons for esthetic reasons, but you can also use fruit or something else. I think pineapple, peach and berries will work great too!

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Aaah, I really hope you like this recipe. It’s perfect for those lazy days when you don’t feel like cooking up a storm. It took me about fifteen minutes to make these pancakes. I imagine that’s the perfect amount of time for the lazy cooks amongst us. What I also like is that it’s a guilt free treat, none of the ingredients are unhealthy. Definitely let me know when you’ve made these pancakes yourself and share your result on Instagram with me @KayaQuintana.

Enjoy your pancakes,


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