Minimalistic jewelry from Vedder en Vedder and Baublebar

Update august 19, 2018: I’ve have found out that this brand Vedder en Vedder, has used my photographs to promote and sell more of their products on social media, without me knowing it. I do not let brands use my pictures without permission to sell more of their products. I take my integrity very serious and I don’t help selling products I don’t really like. I do not support this brand because I am not satisfied with the quality. Therefor I have never posted another article after the one below. I do not like bashing brands, I simply don’t give them any more attention if I don’t like their products.

In this case I do have to call them out, since they won’t take any responsibility. I have been working on letting them remove my pictures, an apology from their team and more. I am very keen on not lending my name to brands and products I do not support. I’ve been blogging since 2008 with sometimes up to 20.000 unique visitors per month. My readers have always been able to count on my honest opinion, a good review from me can’t be bought. So if you see this brand use any pictures with my name on it, to sell and promote their products, please know it’s not with my permission. Feel free to notify me so I can add this to my case.

Original article

I’m not a jewelry girl, I rarely wear any accessories, mostly because I forget about them. I don’t like big earrings and necklaces are often annoying to me, especially those bigger ones. That’s why I’ve been leaning towards dainty and minimalistic jewelry for the last few years. I have been eyeing some higher quality brands for a while now. And when the sale started, I decided to buy some much wanted Vedder en Vedder and Baublebar pieces.

vedder en vedder sieradenPIN IT!

You already know I love the constellation and I bought a star sign pendant by Pilgrim a while ago. That version isn’t made of real silver and it’s not gold plated. When my colleague Danielle showed me that Vedder en Vedder (a Dutch jewelry brand), had gold plated star sign pendants I was sold! Their versions are very pretty and a bit better when it comes to design. Their products are also quite expensive, so I waited for months to get my hands on one of their pendants.

vedder en vedder zodiac pendantPIN IT!

When I found out that the Dutch Hudson’s Bay carries Vedder en Vedder as well and had a good sale, I started shopping like crazy. I got myself the silver Leo star sign necklace and the golden Dutch country pendant. I added a foxtail necklace to wear with the country pendant. The items came in wrapped beautifully, but I’m a little disappointed at the quality. The Vedder and Vedder pieces normally cost between €40 to a €100 per piece, that’s really expensive. Unfortunately, some of my pieces had some irregularities in the plating.

holland pendantPIN IT!

The Baublebar pieces I bought are absolutely wonderful. I bought the Dominique choker which has many layers made of the slimmest strands of gold. I love how dainty and simple it looks, while still catching your eye. The second necklace is called the Mira layered necklace by Baublebar. It’s amazing for outfits with V-neck dresses and t-shirts. I often wear a white t-shirt that I can totally spice up with this necklace. It’s so light but it’s outspoken enough to add an interesting detail to my outfits.

country pendantPIN IT!

Yes, I’m quite happy with my new Vedder en Vedder and Baublebar items. I won’t be buying anymore jewelry for a while now. That’s why I chose these pieces because they’re pretty timeless. I can’t wait to start wearing them more often and to match them with my older pieces. If you are wondering why I still kept the Vedder en Vedder pieces with the irregularities in the plating, it’s because the brand offers new plating after a while. Therefor I decided to keep the items and simply refresh them later.

What do you think of these new pieces, do you like them?


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Mira Layered Necklace by BaublebarPIN IT!

Mira Layered Necklace by BaublebarPIN IT!

baublebar dominique chokerPIN IT!

minimal jewelryPIN IT!

minimalistic jewelryPIN IT!

minimal jewelryPIN IT!


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