My body transformation update #2

I got back into the gym after a few years of being a couch potato in June last year. And it took me quite some time to finally get some results when it comes to burning fat. To be honest, I had a hard time getting my mindset and food right. But after a year of working out and teaching myself new habits, a body transformation update is long overdue! A lot has changed and not only mentally but physically as well.

So let me give you the short version of my weight problems. I have been a stress eater for a very long time and it wasn’t helping me at all! The last year I have been working nonstop on teaching myself to get rid of stress the healthy way. I started with running and ended up with doing fitness in the gym. I still like running but due to hay fever that isn’t always an option for me. So fitness has been my main focus and I love it!

body transformationPIN IT!

I develop muscles easily, but they don’t look that good with a few fat layers on top. So sculpting my body is the easy part or me. Stopping with stress eating and figuring out which foods are bad for me was the hard part. I have many food allergies so I don’t eat like a regular person anyway. Then there’s macro’s I had to figure out. I am very lucky to have found the Keto diet which works wonders for me.

As far as my body transformation update I am very pleased. As you can see on the pictures in this article I have definitely lost some weight. I lost 2,5 kg in three weeks eating Keto style and I love it! I am finally seeing that my body is getting leaner. My highest weight was 69,3 kg and I am now on 66,8 kg. I haven’t been that light in years, haha! Mind you I am only 1.63 cm and I still need to lose at least 4 kilo’s, but I’m doing great.

body transformation

Left August 2016, right June 2017


So now that I know eating Keto style is the way to go for me, I am definitely keeping that up. Talking about my body transformation I can tell you I am shaping up better than I thought. My legs are getting slimmer and my booty has gotten much smaller. I have gained more muscle in my butt and it’s getting rounder from every angle. My thighs are looking good as well so I am going to keep it up.

My arms have lost a lot of fat. I used to feel like I was carrying around a bucket of chicken wings under my arms, but they look so much better now. My back is starting to shape up nicely too, but that seems to go very slow. I still have way too much back fat, so I am not ready to show you pictures of my back yet. My hips and belly did get a lot slimmer and I’m not complaining about that.

body transformation kaya quintana

Left August 2016, right June 2017


My body looks better overall and I am mostly happy with the mental change. I finally had that switch in my head that I needed and I’m not turning it of! It also took me so long to figure out what was wrong with my food intake. Now I know eating Keto or low carb is the way for me. I am no longer holding to unnecessary water weight and I am getting leaner faster than I thought. So yes, my body transformation update is a happy one this time.

I hope this helps you, even if it’s just a little. I know losing weight is hard, but the hardest part is your own brain. All those thoughts, feelings and life coming at you make it hard to change. But trust me, your body is ready when you are. When you start going into that healthy lifestyle because you really want to, it will all work out. Just focus on creating the version of yourself. Do it for yourself and never for someone else, that is the key!


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