My diet update and the summer body challenge kick off

Hi guys, welcome to my new diet update and the Summer Body Challenge kick off. This year I’m on time and ready to go with this amazing challenge. I also want to make sure you get a heads up on time, like right now! You see, last year I was super stressed, and I didn’t know why. Turns out I was suffering from general anxiety disorder and I didn’t even know it. I tell you all about it in this article and the video that comes along with it. Thankfully I’m no longer suffering from anxiety, as I no longer have it.

This means I now have the time and space in my mind to really work on the Summer Body Challenge. I’m honestly really looking forward to it, because I miss being really conscious about my food intake and exercise. I will have to take it slow, because my body is still really exhausted from being sick the last few months. I have decided not to force anything or push myself over my limits. Nothing good comes from those bad habits. Instead I’ll be listening to my body and implement the changes it is asking for.

Keto diet weight lossPIN IT!

This means I’ll be eating Keto style as much as possible. If my body can’t handle some of the foods, I’ll be switching to a low carb version. I’m doing this because after taking antibiotics, my stomach gets upset by certain foods. As I’d rather feel good, I’m not going to stick to the Keto diet if it makes my stomach feel upset. I’m also going to incorporate some fruit during the weekends. It’s something my body has been craving for a really long time and I think I should listen to my body.

Let me tell you all about it in my diet update video. This is the Summer Body Challenge kick off, if you will. A little video to let you know it’s about to go down! I will start on May 1th and I will end the challenge on July 1th. This year’s Summer Body Challenge will last two months, and it will end right before the actual summer hits. I hope you’re ready to go, because I’ll start uploading SBC-videos starting next week every Sunday. Don’t forget to add yourself to The Healthy Life Facebook group for motivation and inspiration during the challenge, it’s free!

Enjoy my diet update for now and be ready for next week!


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