My favorite business podcasts

As I’m getting more comfortable writing and talking about the things I truly love, I think it’s time to share my favorite business podcasts with you. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not that weird nowadays to share your favorite podcasts. Nope it’s not, but most of mine are very business minded. And since I used to be all about beauty blogging, it felt weird to share them with you. But hey, now that I’m bringing you into my life and business world more often, I finally can! I hope these podcasts inspire and motivate you, as that’s what they do for me almost every day. So let’s get to it!

Lewis Howes and The school of greatness

Lewis got me into podcasts years ago! I don’t know how I found him, but I’m glad I did. Back in the day he was giving a lot of business advice. And I love how his story is similar to mine: Having a big dream or goal, finding out you’re not able to make it happen and then not knowing what to do. But Lewis figured out how to turn it around by becoming an entrepreneur. By not taking on a job he didn’t feel comfortable with and just go in for the win! His podcast is his job now and let me tell yah, his bank account is doing pretty well now. A true entrepreneur you should definitely listen to for business and life advice. Check out The school of greatness for all the episodes.

Being boss

I love this podcast and I’ve been listening to it for a few years now. This podcast is created by Kathleen and Emily, both entrepreneurs with several businesses. I was attracted to their podcast because they have so many episodes that actually add something to your business. I also love how they go back and forth, giving their own opinions so you can see more than one few on a problem or subject. I also think it’s cool how these two ladies have several businesses and make it work. I find them very inspiring and I wish I had a business bestie like they do, sigh… Needless to say, their business podcast is a really good one I truly recommend.

Derek Halpern with Social triggers

Oh my god, I used to read his articles multiple times so I could really understand what Derek was saying. I almost flipped out, no actually I flipped out and don’t tell him, when he messaged me on Instagram last year. Turns out, he liked my content enough to check out if I could create content for his company. Yup, I guess I made it guys! Derek doesn’t update is podcast anymore, but you can still find them on Youtube and I suggest you take a look. Derek is a straight shooter, no nonsense or crap. Nope, Derek gives you practical advice and if you’re smart, you use it to your own advantage. I know I did, and I saw how it helped me grow my business. Don’t argue with me, check his videos and articles right now!

Pitch PR podcast

I love Public Relations, it’s part of why I now own my own marketing and PR agency Bloggers and Brands. Therefore, I can’t leave the Pitch PR podcast out of this article. This podcast is all about PR, branding and business tips. It was gone for a few months last year, but I guess the creator Lesly Luce decided to come back, thankfully! Because the world of PR moves fast and you need to be on top of things at all times. I like listening to Lesly’s podcast because she really niches down and asks the right questions to her guests. I think her podcast should get more hits, so definitely give her episodes a change if you’re in PR.

There are obviously a lot of podcast episodes out there, but these are my favorite business podcasts. Which is true, as I’ve been listening to them for years! But I’m always on the lookout for more and interesting business podcasts. If you have any recommendations, drop me a note below. I would love to discover more business podcasts, listen and learn from them. Well, I hope my recommendations gave you some new ones to try. Use them to create a better business and keep on steppin!



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