My favorite Keto recipes

As I’m getting back into the Keto diet, I think it’s a good idea to share some of my favorite Keto recipes. I’m a little out of touch with cooking Keto dishes myself. Which is really weird, because it isn’t that hard. The meal prepping on the other hand is. As I’m writing this article there’s a block of tofu draining in the kitchen. And there are boiled eggs laid out on the counter to cool down. But when everything is prepped properly, cooking Keto is actually fun. So here are my favorite Keto recipes to get you started with this amazing way of eating.

Cucumber boats with tuna – Get the recipe!

I have a lot of love for this recipe, which I copied from my mother. She has been making this for years as a tasty, yet healthy birthday snack. Cucumber is a must in my Keto diet, especially during the spring and summer. I keep my cucumbers in the fridge so that they’re extra cold and fresh when I’m ready to eat. Filling them up with a creamy yet spicy tuna mix makes them extra tasty. I also like how cucumber fills me up without feeling too heavy on my stomach. Yes, cucumber with tuna for the win!

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Keto frittata with tuna and spinach Get the recipe!

This frittata is super easy to make and very tasty. I personally can’t live without eggs or spinach on the keto diet. Combining them together in this amazing frittata was the best idea ever. The fun part about creating a frittata is that you can get very creative. I decided to put tuna in mine, but you can easily use any type of sausage or chicken too. You can quickly make a frittata in the oven or if you have some more time in a pan. Just don’t forget to sprinkle your favorite cheese on top.

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Stuffed mini bell peppers Get the recipe!

I never really liked bell peppers before I started eating Keto style. But they’ve  become one of my foods really fast. That’s why this dish is part of my favorite Keto recipes article. These bell peppers with goat cheese, pine nuts and a very tasty spice mix, simply taste amazing. I like using mini bell peppers because they’re very easy on the eyes. This healthy snack looks very cute when you use the smaller peppers. It’s also a good recipe for parties. Or for a night in on the couch, as these cute stuffed mini bell peppers are the perfect finger food.

avocado chicken saladPIN IT!

Keto avocado chicken salad bowl Get the recipe!

This avocado chicken bowl is not for the weak. No, this bowl will fill your stomach up like crazy! Therefor this recipe is also perfect for people who do intermittent fasting. Or when you’re just a very hungry person all the time. The chicken and avocado will fill you up quickly, as they are the perfect combo of protein and healthy fats. Adding a tasty dressing and some red onions will give this salad a summer vibe. I personally wouldn’t mind eating this avocado chicken bowl at least once a week, it’s super tasty!

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Easy Keto mackerel saladGet the recipe!

If you love fish, you need this mackerel salad in your life! The mackerel is tasty fish in my opinion and it also contains a lot of healthy fats. I use smoked mackerel because it has a soft and buttery texture. It’s unlike any other type of ‘fish texture’ you might be used to. I like eating this mackerel salad with a simple crème fraîche dressing. It makes the salad really creamy and filled with healthy fats. Which is exactly what you need on the Keto diet. I make this salad a lot, it truly is one of my favorite Keto recipes. I can’t live without it!

I hope sharing my favorite Keto recipes gives you some motivation to get back into the kitchen. These recipes are all pretty easy to recreate and the ingredients aren’t too expensive. I also have more recipes to try and I hope you do! Definitely let me know what you think of them and share your favorite recipes with me too. I’m always looking for more interesting dishes, so I can eat even tastier and healthier meals.

Well, time to cook!


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