My favorite mindset apps

Can we talk Matthew McConaughey? And yes, this article really is about my favorite mindset apps. And to my delight, Matthews voice is available to all ears in one of these apps. Before I go off on his super sexy voice, I should explain this article a bit. For a while I have been using mindset apps to create a better mindset. After all, I’m all about creating the best version of myself. Since it isn’t always easy to do by myself, I started looking to mindset apps to help me out. I’ve been using one of them for about six months now and I love it!

This first app is called Reflectly and I’m using the free version. This version is good enough for me since I don’t really need the extra things the paid version offers. The Reflectly app is a very easy to use app, which helps you reflect on your day. Which is important to me, because I often don’t realize what I actually do and experience. Negative or hard parts of the day often linger on in my head when I go to bed. Using Reflectly helps to focus on the good and positive things I experienced during the day.

The app starts off with asking you for the date before it asks you how your day went. This is really easy to do, because you choose from different smiley faces. You can rate your day from really terrible to super awesome and everything in between. Just click on the smiley that fits your mood and day. Then you get to choose what made your day the best or the worst or just mehhh… You get options like work, family, relationship, friends, food etc. After choosing one of the options, the app asks you if you to write about it.

This is one of the features I really love, because it makes me aware of how my day actually went. After all, writing it down and seeing the words in front of me is very confrontational. The app ends with asking you a fun question, like what’s your favorite tv show? And that’s it, you save your story and go to sleep. It’s such a short and easy process, but I really enjoy it because it puts my mind in the right place. You can even set reminders if you want to. My Reflectly app reminds me at 20.00 pm to write my story, awesome!

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Now, back to sexy Matthew McConaughey. Ever since I’ve heard his voice for the first time I fell in love. There’s something about a deep manly voice with a Texas accent. You can hear Matthews voice in the Calm app, which I’ve downloaded to my Ipad. You see, I have trouble falling asleep when I’m stressed. Negative thoughts or random thoughts keep my brain occupied and awake. By using the Calm app I’ve been able to focus my mind on something else, in this case the sexy voice of Matthew.

The Calm app helps people sleep, meditate and relax. I’m currently using a free trial code which allows me to try everything out. The free version seems to have only one option, so that’s not very helpful. But the paid version starts at $9,99 if I understood correctly and gives you access to all the audio they have. In the Calm app you can find a lot of relaxing soundtracks, stories and meditation programs. My favorite story is Blue gold told by Stephen Fry and Matthews bedtime story about a little girl gazing at the stars.

I pick one of these stories and push play. As I lay in bed with the lights out, I just snuggle away under the blankets while focusing on the voice telling the story. I absolutely love it! Now it doesn’t work every time because sometimes I’m just too stressed. But most of the time I find myself falling asleep as the voice in the background starts speaking slower and softer. I’m telling you this is the app you need if you have stress, anxiety or unwanted thoughts at night.

Definitely give these apps a try and share your favorites with me! I can always use more apps for a better mindset.



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reflectly appPIN IT!

reflectly appPIN IT!

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