My favorite vintage and thrifted bags

I don’t understand why I’ve never made this video before, because it was so much fun to make. May I present: My favorite vintage and thrifted bags. I’m showing you my favorite bags which I got from various thrift stores. Thrifting has been one of my favorite things to do and I learned it early on from my mom. She is the thrift store queen, if you ask me. Her love for thrifting helped me become quite good at it too.

I have a thing for vintage bags and so I’ve been collecting them for a few years now. I found all of them at the thrift stores in my area. I like the kick I get from scoring a beautiful vintage or second-hand designer bag that still looks good. What I also love about thrifted and vintage bags, is that they are great conversation starters. Vintage, second hand or thrifted bags have a story or at least a nostalgic vibe. They’re also quite unique as they’re older and rare.

vintage and thrifted bagsPIN IT!

This often leads people to ask me where I got my bag from. This starts fun conversations about fashion and vintage items. I also like the small details in an outfit and I love not wearing the same bags as everyone else. This is one of the reasons why you can’t find a Michael Kors bag in my closet. Although there’s nothing wrong with new bags, which I also buy, I have a weakness for vintage and thrifted bags. Older bags are also often made of high-quality materials and they’re pretty sturdy.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy my favorite vintage and thrifted bags video. Please let me know if you want to see more of these videos. I’m going to make them anyway, but if you have any questions and suggestions, let me know! I’ve been thrifting for years now and I think I might have some good tips for you. I am also curious if you have some nice vintage or thrifted bags too. Tell me which one is your favorite and how you were able to get.

Keep it thrifty!


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